Saturday, December 31, 2011

6 years

Michael and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last night. We wanted to go to the proud cut (restaraunt in Cody) really bad but they wouldn't let Janelle in!!! They said because of their rule of noone 21 and under allowed. Boo. Then we tried for Rib & Chop (my fave) and there was an hour wait, so we went to the Irma.
In 6 years of marriage I have learned that nothing much matters more than making your marriage strong and happy. There's nothing I could give my kids that would be better than a happily married mom and dad, and I've learned to try and let other things slide so that this is possible. I love Michael and am thankful for the good man he is.


So today we did the sledding thing. It was a lot like last year, except this time Janelle was a passenger and not a little bean in my tummy. I couldn't have done it without the help of dad, Joel & Kambrie. Stetson and Kandace weren't too thrilled about sledding at first--especially Kandace. This is sort of a theme for her. Last year she had a huge melt down right before we went home..kinda like this year. :) I was glad Cowley 2nd ward let us crash their Elder's quorum activty and feed us chili and cinnamon rolls.

After sledding I fed the sister missionaries (they are so sweet, it was so nice talking to them and seeing their example) and then we went to Todd & Emily's for Zach's birthday and some new year's festivities ..oh and we got to see Morgan, Fallon & Audrey!! After that we loaded up in the van at about 10 :15 and called it a night. Michael had to work but I'm excited to have him home tomorrow. This is probably going to be my last post ever! I'm going to make one last book and be done with blogging because I spend too much time on the computer! Its been fun!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year, lots to be thankful for. On the morning of the 24th we had breakfast at Mike & Rachel's, gneeokies (the best I've EVER had) at Asays and then back to our house to tuck the kids in bed. Christmas morning wasn't much different than other mornings..Stetson climbed in by me a little after 7 and I asked him if there were any presents in the living room. He said there weren't any under the tree. I asked him if there were any on the couch. He said something like "Santa doesn't put present on the couch!" He finally discovered that Santa did in fact put presents on the couch and he was very pleased! Stetson got some more hotwheels, lots of books and other stuff, Kandace got rapunzel and lots of other princess stuff. It was special to spend the morning with them and see their excitement.


Aunt Kasi cut Kandace's hair today!

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is funny

Jan bought matching outifts for all the grandkids and they are oh so cute. We tried for a pic of them all together and it. was. awesome.

VIP Christmas program

Last Tuesday Stetson had his first Christmas concert at the VIP. This was one of those things that makes motherood ALL worth it. It did my heart so much good to see my boy lined up with all those kids jingling his bells and singing songs. He'd been singing them at home a lot, so I know they practiced hard! I was a crazy woman the hour prior to when I realized I hadn't showered or made the veggie tray to bring or gotten Kandace dressed. It was a close call but we made it! We were so happy Jan could come and watch, too.

Happy 5th birthday Stetson

For Stetson's 5th birthday we: went to the aquatic center in Powell, to pizza hut, then home for cake and presents!!! We are SO SO SO grateful for WONDERFUL family who comes and supports our kids on their birthdays. It sure is nice knowing your kids are loved.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I stole this from Nina Shelton's blog.

Several weeks ago I learned that a good family friend had been involved in a horrible car accident. Katey Winterholler, who is about my age, was nine months pregnant when she rolled her pickup on an icy highway in Wyoming on Nov. 15. She was life-flighted to Billings, MT. where her baby was born healthy that day. Immediately afterward she underwent emergency back and neck surgery. Her family does not have health insurance. The road to recovery will be a long one for Katey and her family, as she also has a young toddler at home. It is unsure what the long term outcome will be for Katey, but she has suffered paralysis and swelling following the accident.
This story broke my heart, I wish I had the means to be able to help them in a BIG way because that is what they really need. I have wrestled with different ways that I might be able to help them, and each time have told myself that anything that I could do would not make that much of a difference. Katey's husband was my brothers best friend growing up and so this story means a lot to me not just because they are good family friends, but also because I am a mother to young children and I can only imagine the difficult journey Katey and her family are going through at this time. What I finally decided is that even though I don't have a lot to give, I do have a voice and I do have the ability to write. So I am sending this message out in hopes that others might be willing to step up and help out in any way that they can. No donation is to small, this family has a great need, and anything will help. If you feel impressed to do so please send donations to a benefit that has been set up in her name at:

The Katey Winterholler Fund
Big Horn Federal Bank
8 East Main Street Lovell, WY 82431-2002(307) 548-2703

Please feel free to share this message so that we can get it out to as many people as possible. I know that many of you may not know this family, but they are an awesome, beautiful family that is deserving of any help that can be offered in their behalf.
Thank you,
Nina Shelton

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stetson is 5 tomorrow

Tomorrow my Stetson turns 5. Tonight I took he and his sister Kandace to the movies at the Hyart. It was special to be with my kiddos. Earlier today, I took Stetson with me to run some errands. Just him. One of them was a stop at the hen house. He asked to go upstairs because that's where all the toys are. He spotted an antique Mickey Mouse phone for $35. He wants a phone for Christmas, but I'm sure Santa is having a hard time figuring out what kind of phone to get him. While we were at Hen House he kept saying he wanted to get a present for his friend Matthew. He was looking at a train. I stepped away for a minute and when I came back he said, "mom the train broke, sorry about that." Feeling a little worried that I might be paying for a train set that day, I was relieved that the hooks has simply separated.

Stetson has been asking for MONTHS if its his birthday yet. We have to go through the shpeal of how Carson's birthday comes Dec. 5th and then his birthday.

When we got home from the movie I told Stetson that when he wakes up tomorrow its going to be his birthday. It almost seems just as exciting for me. I told him that 5 years ago tonight at this same time I was folding laundry, listening to motab Christmas music and feeling excited. Michael was snoozing.

I have a little bottle of shampoo/body wash from Powell hospital from when I had Janelle and its the same kind they had when I had Stetson because when I smell it all the memories flood in, and I love it. Having Stetson and taking care of a newborn for the first time was traumatic for this mama, but it was OH so wonderful. :)

I still can hardly believe when I look at him that he's my boy and that I had him and raised him. Seems nothing short of a miracle to me. I love him and am so glad I have my Stetson.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving break

We kicked off Thanksgiving weekend with a DELICIOUS meal prepared by Michael's mom. She is truly a great cook. After that we hung out and then headed for gpa Simmons' house to spend some time with my family. The next day we went back to the farm for annual preg testing of the cows. Jan always cooks a yummy lunch that day as well. On Saturday we went to Mildred's to say hi to Michael's aunt Cheryl & Max Esplin, Uncle Gaylen, Uncle Clark & aunt Kristy. Kandace was lucky enough to help her great aunt Cheryl put curlers in great gma Asay's hair. She is such a girl and loves to do anything girly. After that we had lunch at cowtown and just enjoyed a quiet day at home. That night we took the kids to Puss n boots at the hyart and Stan & Jan watched Janelle.
Stetson was so excited--he is asking questions non stop these days..what does this word mean, why is this like that, and so on. I'm glad he's so inquisitive. Kandace is testing our patience but we are oh so crazy about her. She actually cut my hair the other day. I was visiting with the primary pres. in the living room and she climbed behind me without me realizing it and by the time I looked back I saw she had scissors in her hand. I gasped, immediately put my hand on my hair to feel for missing hair and sure enough she'd taken like an inch off, but you can't really tell (at least I don't think so).
I've recently discovered that I am over scouting in the primary presidency, and this is no simple task. I'm trying hard to get things figured out and do the best I can. It will be a challenge!
The kids are excited about Christmas. Its always a struggle for me to find a balance between the magic of getting presents/santa, etc, and teaching the true meaning of Christmas. I'm excited to get the nativity out and talk about the sweet baby Jesus.
I'm still loving singing in the stake choir.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

holiday mingle

We're ringing in the holiday season already this year. On Saturday, Jill and her boys, me and my kids and Jan went to the firehall for pictures with Santa, cookies and crafts. Pictures with Santa went surprisingly smooth this year--I was sort of expecting havoc with Janelle and her newfound "stranger anxiety" but she was awesome! After that Kandace was very eager to get her face painted and Stetson very carefully colored a puzzle Christmas tree. Kandace was very specific on how she wanted her little glove painted (halfway through she asked the painter to make sure it had purple in it). Stetson got a penguin painted right before we left. Little get togethers like these are fun for the kids but always a little stressful for mama. I'm always looking around doing a headcount to make sure they're all still there and behaving themselves. For a second I couldn't find Kandace until another mother pointed out to me that she was under the table right next to me. Sheesh. In other news, I've been singing with the stake choir for a few weeks now getting ready for the stake Christmas concert. I LOVE it. I look forward to it each week and am so glad to have a hobby that is fun and fulfilling that I can still do amidst the craziness of our lives. I was just released today from being the beehive advisor (sad to leave those girls) and am now the 2nd counselor in the primary. I'm grateful for callings and the chance I get to serve and somehow repay my Heavenly Father in a very small way for all the blessings I have. I'm excited to spend time in primary with Stetson but hoping he'll still behave well with his mom in there.

The weather has recenly turned frigid, and I'm never ready for it. :( Wish I was in Cabo. I ask Michael when we're going almost every day. Really I do. Brenda's youngest boy Dane reported his mission today. I love hearing from returned missionaries and feeling their strong spirit. He talked about repentance and the enabling power of the atonement. I loved it and am so happy for him and his family.

We recently got some exciting news for Michael. More to come on that later.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Lately my kids have been making me a little crazy. Stetson is almost ALWAYS asking me questions, wanting to play games, wanting me to guess something, wanting me to watch something, you get the picture. I love that he is so inquisitive and enthusiastic, but sometimes I just need some peace and quiet!! Kandace can hardly get a word in because he's so vocal. Tonight after prayers he asked me why we say prayers. I saw this as a perfect teaching opportunity and tried hard not to mess it up. I said because every night we need to tell Heavenly Father what we're thankful for, like our warm house, our clothes, food, etc. I then told him its a chance to ask for things, but that Heavenly Father doesn't always give us what we want, but that he gives us what he needs. Ironically, Stetson said he needed Jesus. He asked me if Heavenly Father would give Jesus to Stetson, and I said yes. I said we can't see him, but we can feel him and see pictures of him.

I went to YW in excellence tonight and I am SO SO glad I did. There was a special spirit there, and I thought about how I need to share the gospel with others because who wouldn't want THIS for their daughter? These girls shared a variety of talents from quilting to self-defense. I was especially touched when I saw a very tall, pretty girl with dark hair stand up to present her project. I thought to myself, one day my girls are going to be standing up there presenting projects, and they might look a little like this girl. It made all my crazy, hard days worth it. I have been so in the moment, forgetting that these days will pass, and one day I'll think, "wow time has flown by."

Friday, November 4, 2011

4 months

My precious Janelle turned 4 months yesterday. She is a dream. I go get her usually around 8 or 8:30 for her first feeding. After that, she's awake for about an hour, and then I simply lay her down. I don't rock her or anything. Now rocking your babe to sleep can be a special time, and I've loved the times I have, but lets be honest, I have 2 other kids to take care of, a house to clean, bills to pay, etc, so its a blessing to be able to lay her down. After like a 1 1/2 hr nap I simply go wake her up again and feed her. We follow this cycle throughout the day, so she ends up with 4-5 feedings and about 3 naps. During her wake time she is amazing, I say amazing because it truly amazes me that she hardly cries, she just kicks her feet and "talks" to me. I usually put her in the bouncer on the kitchen counter so she can watch my cook breakfast for the kids if its in the morning. Other times of the day she usually kicks on the floor, sits in her bumbo, bouncer or on my lap. She is independntely happy and usually doens't need us to constanly bounce or entertain her. I find myself going to pick her up and enjoy her just because I want to, not because she's crying to be held. She sleeps almost 12 hrs a night. I've been pumping and giving her bottles, which is good. It helps my supply stay up and gives me freedom. Like last night, I pumped a bottle and gave it to Jan to give her when I was with Michael.

Janelle if you are reading this I hope you know you are an angel and everyone here loves you like crazy. :)xoxox MOM

show and tell something about my family

Yesterday at preschool, Stetson got to bring something to show and tell about his family. I framed this picture and typed out a little write-up to go with it. This is what it said:
My grandpa Asay is a 3rd generation farmer here in Lovell. Every year, I get to go to the mountains with my dad, mom, uncles, grandpa, grandma and cousins to go get cows that belong to my grandpa Asay. I love when we get to do this because I get to ride on horses, eat yummy hamburgers and be with my family!

date night.

For the last couple weeks, Michael has been spending all his time off work at the farm. His dad is harvesting his beets and its a real critical time for him. I've been complaining because he's been gone so much, but I'm in the wrong because I'm being selfish and not thinking about the bigger picture. I love that Michael is so anxious to help and please his dad. He's a good boy. :) Yesterday Jan watched the kids and I got to ride along. We took 2 loads in (about 14 tons each). We watched the beets go up the piler and into the "big pile" that everyone can see as they go in and out of Lovell. Then we went back to the farm to fill up. Michael's dad drives the digger, which digs the beets. The 2nd to the last picture is of the topper, and it takes the tops off the beets before Stan digs them up. Once we get filled up we head back to town where we get weighed, drop the beets, weight again and then get a ticket. I've always been impressed at how patient Stan is during harvest (and all the time for that matter). Trucks are always breaking down and other things are always going wrong, but I've never seen him lose his cool. He has great faith it seems like, that everything will work out, and it always does. The Lord takes care of us.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more Halloween

Well the day finally arrived, Halloween fun began at 4 when I took the 3 kids to the library for some stories, games and crafts. Michael's beet truck broke down while we were there, so he parked it at the country store and walked over to the library..he could have won best costume with his grungy farmer garb. :) But Stetson actually won "best boy" costume. After the library we went home to feed the baby and then headed to gma Asays for pizza and our first trick or treat stop. After gma Asays was great gma Asay, then great gma Dorothy, great gpa Monk, gpa Simmons, aunt Marguerite, Mike & Rachel then home where I took the kids around the block to get some more. Halloween is so fun with little kids!

My pirate, pumpkin and fairy princess. I'm a lucky mom!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cowley carnival

Well halloween festivites for us started on Wednesday, when Stetson & Kandace were invited to the Cowley halloween carnival. It was a little crazy and crowded, but it was all worth it when Kandace got a purple kitty cat painted on her face (her specific request) and gpa Simmons helped Stetson win a donut at one of the booths. On Thursday, Stetson's preschool had a halloween party! More halloween hoopla to come...

Monday, October 24, 2011

picture day

Last Thursday Stetson had pictures at preschool. I gave him a bath, put on a nice sweater and combed his hair with gel and hairsprayed it even. :) I always think he looks a lot more like his dad when his hair is parted and combed. Funny because Michael hasn't parted his hair since his mission. Anyway, he was a handsome man and I sure love him. Later that day I took Kandace and Janelle to get pictures. Kandace was perfect--sat still like a little lady and smiled beautifuly. Janelle on the other hand was not having it. We didn't get any of her smiling which is a bummer because she has a beautiful smile. Oh well. Stetson and Kandace are VERY excited for halloween. Holidays are like magic at this age and I can't even begin to say how fun it is for me as a mom to watch them and be a part of it. Stetson is going to be a pirate again and Kandace as you can probably guess, is wanting to be a princess (right now at least, it could change).


Last Friday, my brother Todd and his wife Emily had a dinner to go to in Cody, so we lucked out and got to have Zach & Ben come party wtih us! Stetson LOVES Zach & Ben and almost always plays awesome with them. This time was no exception--they had a ball running all over the house, having a slumber party in Stetson's room and making scotcharoos. Kandace humored us all when she decided she didn't want to be left out of the fun when she tried to snuggle in bed by Zach and sleep with all the boys. I thought I'd avoid a tantrum and just let her stay there and try it out, but she kept getting up, talking, turning the light on, etc. so she had to leave the room and boy was she not happy about it. Michael rocked her in the family room 'til she settled down then she went to bed in her room. Its always funny to me when Zach & Ben come because I always realize this is how it'd be if I had all my kids exactly 2 years apart, because Zach is 8, Ben 6, Stetson 4, Kandace 2, Janelle 4 mos. I'm happy I just have 3 for now. :) It was sweet to see what a good big brother (and big cousin) Zach is--always trying to help and be responsible. He was a great help with Janelle. It sure is nice to have extra hands around! :)