Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Jill

Amber May made these super cute bowties for Carson & Stetson to wear for Matthew's wedding. I think its going to be way cute!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moments like this...

Well Joel finally got home from his mission and now I can blog about it since we got our computer back!! I was so lucky to spend a week in Wyoming for some special events--#1 Joel came home on Wednesday. His flight was supposed to come at 4:57 pm but got delayed 'til 10:15 because of engine problems. Nothing tops seeing your brother come home from their mission--one of those moments that totally put your life in perspective and make it all worth it!! I'm grateful for the chance I had to be a part of it all. Probably the BEST part though was when he reported his mission to the high council. All I'll say about that is that there's a wonderful spirit in that rooma and that the church is true!

We got to reconnect with some friends and of course spend lots of time with family. Stetson didn't sleep good. He'd sleep in his crib 'til about midnight or so then he'd want in with me, so we'd had a lot of sleepless nights...I'm SO thankful for Michael and that I have him to help share the load--I don't know how single moms do it. Well here's some more pics of our great week in Wyoming.
Tuesday we went to Asay's for a barbecue and fun visit with everyone...Jacob is an AWESOME uncle and I love when we go visit because he entertains Stetson so well so I don't have to (along with everyone else)!
Stetson was a crazy man and ran around the whole airport trying to get on the luggage claim thing and everything else he wasn't supposed to do
there he is!

waiting for Joel's luggage
...and what could we possibly have done without the little boys to help Joel carry his luggage?
Stetson and grandpa became pretty good buddies during our visit--Stetson would reach His arms out to him to be held by grandpa, but the cutest was when he'd run to him, and grab my dad's legs until he would give Stetson a good back scratch..and he'd stay there for a while, too. My dad has that extra patience that makes him such a good dad that I wish I had more of. I really appreciated all his help when I was there.
Just for the record, I only posted this pic because I think Stetson looks super cute in it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

no pictures, sorry

Well we're back from our little visit to Cowley/Lovell. We had a good time and enjoyed having a little break. I was so impressed at how many people at the airport/plane offered to help with Stetson (carrying my stroller, my bag, anything), It was a pleasant surprise. 2 minutes before we were supposed to board in St. Paul, Stetson deposited a nice prize in his diaper for me, and I wanted to change it before we got on the plane so he didn't have to sit in it forever, so this nice lady watched my things while I ran to the bathroom for a record time diaper change. After I changed him I put him down so I could wash my hands and he started making his way for the door, so in my firmest voice I said, "no stetson come here!" Well he's usually not the best listener, so out he goes. My hands were covered in soap and another sweet lady ran out to fetch him for me while I rinsed my hands and dried them. Anyway, I'm glad there's so many nice people in the world.

It was fun to see Joel and hear about his mission. Missions are SUCH a blessing to a missionary and their family. I love it. Our laptop got a virus, so until we get it back (should be a few days) I can't post any pictures from our trip but here's a little survey from Shay that I thought was fun.

It's a fun little thing... Four things about me you
may not have known...

A. Four jobs I have had in my life..
substitute teacher
aerobics instructor

B. Four places I have lived...
santa rosa, ca
Rexburg, ID
salt lake city, ut
indianapolis, IN

C. Four TV shows I love to watch...
So you think you can dance
american idol (these are about the only 2 tv shows i watch)
oh and M*A*S*H* because its Michael's favorite show in the world

D. Four places I have been on Vacation...
cabo san lucas
we're going to navou on our way home! yay!

E. Four of my favorite foods...
wedding cake
candy corn (i have a LOT of favorite foods some day i'll name all of them)

F. Four places I would rather be right now..
cabo san lucas
the olive garden
with michael
in a hot tub
(the last 2 don't go together by the way) lol

G. Four people I think will respond...
not sure, but everyone should!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're in Wyoming

Well we're here in Wyoming now--Joel returns from his mission tomorrow, so I'm excited for that. We've been loving the laid back atmosphere and getting spoiled by everyone. Stetson is getting so much attention and loving it.

I'll be sure to post pics of Joel's homecoming when I can!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I've already done one like this before, but what the heck

1. What is his name? Michael Monk Asay

2. Who eats more? I'm a more consistent eater (never skip a meal) but generally Michael (unless its croutons :-))

3. Who said I love you first? pretty much me in an email, kind of weak, i know

4. Who is taller? michael

5. Who is smarter? michael

6. Who is more sensitive? Me! by a landslide

7. Who does the laundry? I do, but he will if I ask him to

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? if you're laying on the bed, i do

9. Who pays the bills? I do. michael, but that doesn't mean i don't do any of the finances. :)

10. Who cooks more? Me, but not by much, Michael cooks a lot and is good at it, he gets it from his madre Jan

11. What meals do you cook together? a lot actually, because he'll fix a main meal for instance and i'll do the side dishes...we usually cook breakfast together if its not like cereal

12. Who is more stubborn? me.. he's more humble than me :)

13. Who is first to admit they're wrong? him

14. Who has more siblings? same

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? michael would say i do, but there's things i ask him to decide ALL the time but he won't

16. What do you like to do together? ANYTHING we can do together we like

17. Who eats more sweets? Michael

18. Guilty pleasures? lately its been croutons--we usually buy them just for salad, but if i get my hands on themm, they don't last long. :) i can't get enough of them. when i go to the movies i usually splurge and have popcorn, pop AND milk duds (at least last time i did) and i felt pretty guilty about it

19. How did you meet? lets just say we were high school sweethearts (ask me for the long version :)

20. Who asked who out first? i set up our first date, and planned almost every one since then

21. Who kissed who first? micahel kissed me

22. Who proposed? Michael

23. His best features? broad shoulders, tall, muscular build, tan, i always just liked that he was "big tough guy" :)

24. What is his greatest quality? he is kind and good to people

25. Tag? Laura (she probably won't do it:) and shay

Monday, July 7, 2008

More lessons learned

I was sick yesterday—sicker than I’ve felt in a long time and pretty down in the dumps about it. Today I was uplifted by a comment on someone’s blog. She shared the following quote:

“[Several years ago I watched] a close friend my age decline physically from multiple sclerosis. I had seen him gradually lose his ability to walk, to stand, and then to sit. During the stage when he was fully bedridden, his wife passed away from cancer. His family wheeled him into her funeral on a mobile bed. . . . ("Reason, Faith, and the Things of Eternity,“ Elder Bruce C. Hafen, Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute Speech, March 21, 2008.)"

Along with this quote, she shared some thoughts of trials and how they come in all shapes and form, and I felt pretty humbled. Kind of like when I was complaining about Stetson and watched a woman at the pool later that day patiently take care of her little boy with autism. Yesterday while I was laying in bed, I kept thinking, “what happened to the days when everything went right and I didn’t have to struggle with anything?” Being sick I suppose is a good reminder that life isn’t always supposed to be like that.

When I think of people who are so much more dedicated to a righteous cause than I am, I realize that so often, I’m stuck in my “comfort” and I’m scared to leave what I already “know” for something that I know is a million times better. I’m so grateful to belong to a church that teaches us that life experiences hold a great purpose and that we’re blessed for them.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July fun

For the 4th of July we went to our first "block party" even though we're not technically members of this block. :) The people were so nice and good to us, we felt like part of the neighborhood. They had delicious appetizers, and for dinner we had really yummy salads, hot dogs and hamburgers. After taht we went to Zion's park in Zionsville to watch the fireworks. Its the first time Stetson is really old enough to appreciate them, but sure enough he fell asleep about half way through them. It was a pretty good fireworks show though.Dallen showing off his patritotic tattoos
Stetson trying to get into the adult beverages
Stetson loved the playground
Michael & Stetson playin games

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This post is mostly for me, I'm pretty bored. Stetson's taking a nap and Amber is home with the kids today. I can't go anywhere because Michael has the car and went downtown today for work. I'd contemplated bringing scrapbook stuff when we packed, but we were trying to pack light and I thought it'd take up too much room.

Michael should be home early today, though, which will be awesome. He can only get 20 hrs/week so he's been working overtime this week so he can have Thursday and Friday off to spend with us!! We're trying to decide what to do for the 4th of July. There's some fun stuff going on here in Zionsville, but Brandon and Amber are convinced that the city is where its at, so we'll see. I think this might be the frist 4th of July Michael and I have actually celebrated and been together for (he was usually working).

Stetson is doing so much better--I'm pretty sure that his mollers coming in were the culprit. His nose has been runny but he's sleeping better at night and seems happier during the day.

Its been getting pretty hot here. We went to the pooL TWICE yesterday--we went in the morning because it was already hot and we wanted to do something before Stetson's 1:00 nap, so we did and that was fun, and then it was so hot in the afternoon, and Michael was home so he stayed and watched Stetson and I took the kiddos. It was fun to get in the pool and actually swim and feel like a kid again.

I'm pretty excited to come home the 13th. I'll be home the 13th-22nd of July so that should be fun. I wish Michael could come home with me, but he'll stay back and work.

Sorry to bore you!! I hope everyone else is doing more exciting things than me! This picture was taken almost exactly a year ago (Cowley's day '07) and I thought it was fun to see how everyone's changed.