Monday, December 31, 2007


O.K. so I maybe got a little carried away with pictures this time, but hope you like them anyway. Here's Stetson and I this morning right before we left for home. We were pretty tired from packing. Stetson got a "Stetson Univeristy" shirt for Christmas that he's wearing in this picture.
Gma Jan and Stetson

Here's Michael's bros; L-R: Jared, Jacob and Michael's mom, Jan

Jan got Carson and Stetson matching nike outfits for Christmas. Soooo cute...

Here's Stetson eating his cousin Carson's animal crackers he got for Christmas

Pucker up!!

Stetson and dad opening presents

Gma Jan got Stetson a rocking pooh bear

Here's an Asay fam tradition that still lives on in this pic...everyone lined up on the stairs Christmas morning.

Stetson, gma Jan and Carson first thing Christmas morning. Jan loves it when I take pics of her early in the morning...

Christmas Eve dinner. Asay's have neeokies every year as a tradition. Stan's dad Harris Asay went on a mission to Argentina and this was one of the foods they ate. They're pasta "noodles" made of potatoe, flour, cheese, and eggs with a yummy spaghetti sauce.

story time...

Michael and I slept on a blow up mattress for a couple of nights we were at Asay's and while it was blowing up, Stetson LOVED playing on it so we got a quick video of it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stetson's 1st birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday Stetson!!

Well its finally arrived...the day we've been looking forward to for 12 months--Stetson's 1st birthday!! We had such a fun day. Stetson was really good and happy all day. The cake didn't turn out quite like we'd hoped, but I don't think Stetson minded. There's a video of him eating his cake at the end of this post.

Here he is, opening his presents L-R: Jenna and Will Robertson, Michah Grant, Eva Allred and the birthday boy in front

Here's the man himself with all his presents; mom and dad gave him 2 books and the piano, Brian & Reagan gave him the spiderman puzzle and Guy & Afton gave him the dump truck

Here's Jenna and Will eating their cake...and Sarah (their mom) in the background with the new baby (2 weeks old) Adam. He is soooooooooo cute.
Here's the aftermath of the cake. He seemed lik he really liked it. . He just dug right in!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


First I have to exaplain my heading. I had this roommate who whenever she would taste something really good she would say, "oh that's divine." So I say it now, and today Michael baked something that was pretty divine.

So I think I have a pretty amazing husband for many reasons, one of which is because he bakes!! He has this bread book that he LOVES and occasionally he'll find a recipe he wants to try and he'll bake some homemade bread. YUMM!! Today he made sourdough bread. He's been working on it for practically a have to make a starter and then do something to it every day for like a week until you can actually bake it. I must be a real computer geek now if I'm taking pictures of bread. Yikes. Anyway, I also wanted to post this because I know Michael's mom checks our blog every now and then and I wanted her to see so she could be as proud as I am!! :)
Here's the final product. Wew hoo!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

diaper for diaper vs. poop for poop..

This was my high school graduation 6 YEARS AGO!!! I can't believe its been that long. Holy cow. Anyway, I was looking through some old pics and thought this one would be fun to post. Doesn't Michael look so young?? I probably do too, but I can't see it as much. I remember this day so well...all the graduates lined up outside the auditorium so well wishers could give presents, hugs, etc. Michael gave me a card with a letter inside that said: "congratulations on your graduation. To celebrate this glorious event, I want to take you out to dinner." Then on the bottom of the letter he wrote: "BUT YOU HAVE TO PLAN IT!!" That's always been an issue with us. I always felt like I planned all our "dates" in high school. Now all we do is go out to eat for our dates so there's not much planning involved (good thing for Michael). Anyway, dad took this picture and I'm pretty sure Michael wasn't so happy about it (as you can tell in the picture) but oh well. I can't wait until I get a scanner (maybe some day) and I can post some really fun ones. :-)

Anyway, Michael and I had an interesting "argument" today. Let me warn you first--its about poop. So this morning, I changed a "blowout." Meaning out the pants, had to change his onesie, you know what I'm talking about. Well when Michael came home from school, he changed the next diaper because it was his turn. Not long after, Stetson needed another change, and so technically it was my turn, but I was convinced that since I changed the "blowout" earlier that morning, it was his turn to change a poop. Well after I changed Stetson tonight for bed (put his jamies on, changed his diaper, etc.) we thought we were done for the night, but he pooped again, so I thought since I had changed the last one it was Michael's turn, right?? Well Michael said I was "changing the rules" since I made him change the diaper earlier even though it was technically my turn, so he said are we doing "diaper for diaper" or poop for poop??" We were actually fighting about it until he said that and then it was really funny. Nevertheless, We've decided to stick with "diaper for diaper" instead of poop for poop..

I went to Afton Grant's Mary Kay "grand opening" 2 nights ago and got a makeover so I had Michael take a picture so we had something to show for it since I got home at about 10 and didn't get to show off my "makeover." And so I could decide if I should start actually wearing more makeup than eyeshadow and mascarra. I did buy some white eyeshadow...its called "eyecicles." Its a cream and it comes in a little tube. Its origianlly $10 (pretty steep I thought) but I got $5 off since it was her grand opening so I paid $5.60. They said it works great as a "primer" so your actual eyeshadow stays on better. And I did win a bronze powder eyeshadow. Anyway, probably too much information. Have a great day!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well life on the farm is kinda laid back...

We took these family pictures over Thanksgiving break. Here we a Where else would we take family pics than in front of a tractor?? :-)

This one is funny...if you look to the left of Michael's head you can see a reflection of Matthew (Michael's brother) taking the pic and Jacob (Michael's other brother) cracking himself up trying to make Stetson smile...well it worked. THANK YOU JACOB!!

Stetson loves his dad...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's not blood, don't worry

So its been like 4 days since my last post and I know some of you are going through withdrawls (just kidding) so here goes it...We just got back from the Messiah. Every year, our stake puts on a Messiah production for the community. Its an oratorio including choir, orchestra and soloists. The girl soloists were students here in Laramie and the bass and tenor soloists were from Arizona. They were really good and it was way fun to be a part of it and to sing again!! Yay!! Actually me and a girl in my ward are singing a duet in Sacrament tomorrow so that should be fun.
Hmm..what other news...Michael's almost done with finals (his last one is this Friday but we're not coming home until like the 18th because the primary is singing in Sacrament the 16th and we don't want to drive on Stetson's bday which is the 17th (I know, he doesn't even know its his bday but still...) so yeah. Well let me explain the picture below: Michael's grandpa came for a visit and brought some homemade jam (thank you Donna). Well while I was at Messiah practice, Matthew fed some to Stetson and I guess he loved it (at least thats what they said).
Me, Michael and Stetson went to a home game today against Colorado University. Since Michael's a student and I have a "spouse card" we can go to all the games free. It was so fun to watch a college basketball game. We got to sit up pretty close too. Anyway, the real reason we went was because Michael's little bro Matthew is a "cheerleader." The pictures of him aren't that great, hopefully we'll get some better ones next time.

He's the one looking up

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stetson's first steps...

I saw Stetson walk yesterday for the first time, and we got it on tape today. Woo hoo!! His transportation of choice is still crawling, but maybe in a few days he'll start walking more...we'll see!!