Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh how I love my boy

This was part of our conversation as I tucked my precious baby boy into bed tonight:

mommy: goodnight Stetson I love you

Stetson: you're so beautiful.

mommy: oh thank you, you're so beautiful.

Stetson: no I'm not, I'm a big boy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tomato soup

As the kids and I were eating our tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner tonight, I did a lot of thinking. I remembered back to when Stetson was still eating out of a highchair in Laramie and how it was such a pain to feed him sometimes--just the mere task of getting him to eat was challening, let alone the huge mess accompanied with each and every meal/snack. Just a month ago it seems like, I gave him tomato soupand grilled cheese sandwiches and it was frustrating to me because he dipped the whole sandwich in his soup and it got soggy and then of course he didn't want it and it was wasted...I thought "is he ever going to just eat normal?" lol Well today I was pleasantly surprised (little things are big things to us moms, remember) when he appropriately dipped a corner of the sandwich in his soup and ate it until it was gone..1 whole sandwich and a HALF (I might add). I was silently beaming because my boy is getting bigger before my eys every day, and these precious moments will soon be a memory.

Kandace on the other hand still needs some practice...don't judge because her hair looks like that :) It was in a cute pony for story time this morning, but she's destroyed it since then.

Today we went to story time, I had 2 fillings (not as bad as I'd anticipated) and then we took a walk to the park. I pushed Kandace and Stetson rode his bike. This has become almost an every day occurence as the weather changes and I realize our warm days are numbered..its always sort of sad to me. Stetson has become AWESOME at riding his little bike with training wheels. Another proud moment for mom. Last year when we lived in the farm house, Stetson was SO FAR from having the coordination down enough to ride, but now he's really mastered it. Its amazing to watch him.
I have step aerobics tonight. Its going good. The first night I was bummed when only 3 showed up, and I was prepared to just call it quits the next time, but I had 5 and some of them were buying passes, so step is still on! And while its definitely not the most popular exercise of choice (which I'm totally fine with, go zumba) taking care of my body and exercising regularly never will go out of style.
I love my husband. I was feeling lousy about myself the other day and Michael was right there for me like he always is. I totally take for granted the fact that I have a #1 in my life. He is my rock and I can go to him for anything..what a HUGE BLESSING!! (He offered to come to my step class if less then 3 came and he drives over there sometimes to help me unlock the door) No matter how bad I feel or what I've done, he is always supporting me and lending a listening ear (and I can talk a long time) lol. I am so glad I have him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Consider the Lilies of the Field - Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Band of the...

One of my favorite things to do is Youtube my favorite motab songs. I would L-O-V-E to sing in the mormon tablernacle choir one day. This is one of my favorite songs they sing..AHHH I love it

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

come get your groove on

sTeP aErObIcS starts
old B&G lumber building on mainstreet in Lovell
This is a gReAt WoRk OuT!! (I promise)
Call the Lovell Rec for more info 548-6466

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fishing with Stetson

On Saturday we went to the Big Horns with my dad, Joel and his friend Cambree. We went four-wheeling for a little while, went fishing, went to lunch at Bear Lodge, did some more fishing and went home. Let me tell you about fishing and Stetson. Michael caught a fish like 1 second after we got to the stream, so he thought it'd fun to help Stetson catch a fish, so Michael let him hold onto the rod while Michael reeled in one of the many fish he caught, but Stetson didn't buy it. He didn't really think he'd caught the fish, so he wasn't that impressed (as evidenced in the picture) but it was still a great day in the beautiful mountains and we enjoyed the day. Thanks gpa Simmons!

Labor day picnic

Michael's aunt Karin and her husband Fen were here visiting, so for labor day we had our 2nd annual (well for me at least) picnic at sheep mountain.  We did a lot of exploring, had delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and pop.  Thanks Stan & Jan for a great day (and for the pictures)!  Here's me and my girl
Gettin our grub
Karin and Mildred
Party planners ;)
And here's the whole crew! Happy Labor day!