Monday, February 23, 2015

Sleeping Giant

 A couple of Friday's ago, I had dad take Janelle home with him when he was up for his temple day and take her to Jan's so we could take the other kids skiing the next day, which was Valentine's Day.  Michael had heard some great things about sleeping Giant from one of the Powell ER docs and its cheaper so we tried it out.  Michael got me a gift card to the ski station for Christmas so I got my own boots and new pants this year.  Next year I hope to get skis.  It was about 40 F which makes it easier on the kids and us amateurs aren't too picky about snow conditions, so it was great for us.  I had a great time skiing and wish I could go more often.  This was Kandace's first year.  Her and Stetson had a private lesson for the first hour.  Kandace liked the lesson, and she liked when she got to ride up on the magic carpet.  After the lesson, I thought she was more independent than she actually was because I let her go one time because I was waiting for Stetson and she biffed.  Bad mom.  After that she was pretty hesitant. Hopefully I can talk her into it again at the end of this year when Stahle's weaned and Michael and I can take the kids.  Stetson did ok.  I was hoping he could have learned more technique from his instructor, but he still pretty much does the snow plow the whole time without turning really.  He actually crashed into a fence his first time down.  Its actually hard when you  haven't been for a year.  My first time down was scary, even though it was an easy hill.  Considering its been a year and I've had a baby since the last time I went. The rest of the time was smooth sailin for me though.  I need to try harder hills and challenge myself.  Private lessons would be fun.

Michael was a champ and kept Stahle in the lodge the whole time.  I appreciate him.  At one point I had to go chase Stetson down who had gotten on the ski lift by himself, and during this time Kandace crashed and since I was helping Stetson, Michael had to climb the little hill by himself to rescue Kandace.

Someone suggested a hoola hoop for Kandace and I so I could control her speed better.  It worked pretty good.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Our beautiful baby girl is 4 1/2 months!  She had her well-child a little ways back and all is well.  My kids start in the upper percentile for weight but my girls especially drop down to the lower percentile as time goes on, but not enough to alarm the pediatrician.  I think breast fed babies are generally smaller than bottle fed.  She is 14 something now, so she's gained about 2 lbs since her last check.  She had shots which I hate but she only cried for a second.
Stahle goes to bed about 8, sleeps all night, I go get her at about 7, then she eats about every 3-4 hrs, giving her 4, sometimes 5 feedings per day.  Since we got the Y pretty regular now, her morning routine gets a little out of whack but we're better about being flexible and making adjustments.
She had a cold last week which was super sad, she lost her voice and her cry was more like a squeak.
We started giving her rice cereal, which she's not that great at yet, but we'll keep practicing.  She smiles lots for us, even laughing at little sister Janelle quite a bit actually.  Everyone is nuts about her and we're so grateful for her!  I can't imagine life without our little beauty and I'm so glad we have her.

Kandace turns 6!

 Last Tuesday my big girl turned 6!  About a month before her bday, I decided I wanted to throw her a theme party and try to make is special for her so I had her choose between a pinkalicious or frozen party or having like 1 friend and go to the reef.  She chose Frozen.  I ordered party supplies on Walmart right away and started planning.  I knew I could do it if I planned ahead and had Michael there that day to help, so he worked a 24 hr shift the week before so he could take her birthday off.  It was from 4-6 and I planned for the first 1/2 hr to be musical chairs, then from 4:30-5 to have Steiners come do nails.  Well musical chairs took about 5 minutes, so we played twister and did the scavenger hunt I had planned for the end.  When Steiners came, they all went downstairs for manicures and then while Michael ran to get the pizza, I took the girls to the park real fast before we ate.
 Here's Kandace, Liz Clemow and Janelle showing their beauties (and photo bomber Raegan)
 I totally stole all the food ideas off a blog (thanks Nina :)

 After pizza and snacks, Kandace blew out her candle on her frozen cupcake
Then she opened presents!  She invited 2 girls from her class, Sophia and Elsie, and then 2 girls from church (Maren Rice and Avery Cotter).  Then Liz Clemow.  Her mom Jill helps me so much when Michael is gone.  She is a blessing!!
So a few things about my girl Kandace.  First of all, I love her more than words can say and I am so grateful to have a girl in my house!!  For a girl whose always been outnumbered, it is like winning the lottery to have a shopping buddy!  Kandace Asay I love you to the moon!
 *Kandace isn't a breakfast eater.  Its one of our struggles in the morning to figure out what I can get her to eat before she's off to school
*Kandace is my biggest help around the house.  She is always getting me diapers, throwing diapers away, getting me clean clothes for Stahle, she helps get Janelle's pjs on at night, even sometimes putting Janelle to bed which always seems like a good idea but I usually have to do it.
*Kandace is so good to Stahle and is my biggest helper in this area too.  I used to be super nervous about Kandace handling Stahle at all but she's all over it now and I just keep a close eye, but Kandace will hold/play with her for quite a while if I'm trying to cook dinner or something.  She's my little extra pair of hands.  Its special to see that nurturing side of girls.
*She has started to read more all the sudden and its exciting!  She can read a lot of the sight words in our books and is starting to sound words out really well.  I'm glad we read those fancy nancy books so many times because its helped her confidence and interest level I think
*Kandace loves to hug and cuddle
*Kandace loves to sing and takes herself quite seriously when singing, especially when she sings to Stahle or gma Asay
*Kandace has the best laugh ever.  It brightens my day and makes me so happy to hear her laugh
*Still our fruit fanantic.  This is one thing I can almost always count on getting her to eat for breakfast.
Happy birthday beautiful girl.  Mom loves you xoxoxox