Sunday, February 5, 2017

All done

So here are the cabinets before
and after...
I really do love them.  It was a fairly inexpensive way to update our kitchen.  Michael says whenever we do a project, I decide what I'll do and what he'll do, because I feel like there's certain things I can't do, like I didn't take any of the cabinet doors off, but I put almost all of them back on because Michael pretty much didn't want to do it in the time frame I wanted and he said I could do it myself, so I did!  He taught me how and it was pretty simple in theory, but time consuming and kind of strenuous.  Some of the doors got nicked in the moving process and that stressed me out.  There's always hiccups and things that don't go right, which at times makes you question why you even started the project in the first place, but it was worth it.  Am I the only one with the illusion that projects will go smooth?
We need to do back splash still.  I'm excited for that and think it will make a huge difference.  Just to add, its almost maddening to me to see before and after pics on fb and Instagram because they don't include the process, the stress, the trips back to the hardware store, and the mess everywhere else in your house.

More than anything in the world, I love that girl standing there.  Oh and our microwave died during all this so we'll be getting a new one of those.

Prepping for new cabinets

So in like November I had Mike Hendershot come look at our cabinets and talk about spraying them for us.  I had really wanted to paint our cabinets in Billings but I'm SO glad we didn't.  It is a huge job, and we didn't even paint ours, just prepped them and took them to Mike's shop.  So on Dec 27 we agreed that I'd bring the cupboards over, which meant that before that we had to take everything out of our cabinets and have them cleaned and sanded.  We used TSP to take the sheen off and then sanded what we could.  Mike actually did some more sanding to touch up our spots we missed.  Janelle was great at helping me empty out the cupboards and put stuff in the master bedroom and the living room.  It was a mess.

A couple days later, Michael and I prepped our kitchen with plastic and other supplies he'd purchased in Billings that day.  Ugh.  This was a lot of work and I questioned whether it would have been easier painting it ourselves.  In the end I'm glad we did it this way.
Here's Mike sanding the panel I tried to strip.
Here's after they came and sprayed.  It took them all day which meant we couldn't use our kitchen so we ate out twice that day.
Stetson and Michael putting fronts back on.
The little girls had so much fun playing in the cupboards when they were empty and didn't have fronts.

Christmas day

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, which is perfect, unless you have 8 am church. I was actually dreading getting the kids all ready on time and squeezing in Christmas morning.  The kids just looked at their santa presents and we opened presents when we got back.  Sacrament was great.  Jack Nichols spoke and I was grateful to feel the spirit on Christmas.  Our stake Christmas concert was a week earlier and I sang a solo "Do You Have Room" which was a song I hadn't heard of but I loved it and was glad I got to sing it.  My confidence has grown more since singing with the Chorale and getting to practice more.
The kid got a trampoline which was a beast to wrap, but I'm probably more excited than they are for the day we can set it up.  Almost all of my childhood memories are on my tramp.  We had sleepovers on it, put sprinklers under it and jumped on it in our suits, had a huge weeping willow tree above the tramp with a tree house in it and we would jump from the tree house to the tramp.  My brothers broke it when they tried a trick on it with their water skies?!  I spent a LOT of my childhood jumping on my tramp.
After church we spent some time at dads for breakfast and then over to Asays.  Stahle had just woke up from her nap. I love the expression on her face.  She's holding her doll she got from gma Asay.  This girl loves dolls.  When we got home that night, Stahle took a spill off our dining room bench and split her head open.  I never did get a picture of it but Michael called Ken who came over and glued it right up.  Michael and Ken agreed that its better not to treat your own child when dealing with something kind of major.  Ken did a great job and its healed pretty nicely.
During one of our days of Christmas break we painted nails.  The girls always love it until we have to put it all away.