Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter hunt

Red lodge mountain

For our Christmas present to dad this year, we said we'd take him skiing so last Thursday after the kids performed some songs at the care center, we headed to Sleeping Giant.  Right before we were coming into Powell I thought I'd better call to make sure they were open and I'm glad I called because the voice message said they were closed for the season.  That was a huge bummer, weird too because I thought I'd checked their schedule earlier and that they were still open, but we called Red Lodge who is still open 'til April 15th.  We're glad we made it because it was a beautiful day for skiing!  As we were getting all our gear, I debated leaving some of my layers in the lodge because it was in the forties, but I ended up being just right.  Stetson didn't even wear his hat, because he's crazy.  It was great to go with dad because he knows the resort better than us and showed us some beautiful runs.  We also got to ride on the 4 man lift together which was fun.  I love skiing!  I love to be outside in the beautiful mountains, with my family taking it all in.  When I was 29, Stetson was in kindergarten and in my very skewed perception, I felt old all the sudden and realized I wouldn't live forever (dramatic, I know) and decided I was going to teach my kids to ski and enjoy what Wyoming/Montana weather has to offer and I haven't regretted it.  We are nowhere near expert level of skiers but we do just fine. One day I'd love to take lessons and try shorter skies and see if I can get better.  I'm grateful for an adventurous dad who went with my 11 years ago with Stetson for the first time.

Little league basketball

Stetson and Kandace played little league basketball this year.  Unfortunately Stetson's team never got a team picture.  They had a rough season.  I don't think they won any games.  Another bummer was that every single game Stetson and Kandace had was at the same time so I switched back and forth, but I was a coach for Kandace's team, too making it more hectic.  Stetson is timid and the opposite of aggressive but we like for him to try new things and get out of his comfort zone.  Secretly I wish that if I spent enough time helping him during the summer that he'd come out of his shell and it can become something he likes and is good at.  It'd help if he grew a little, too.  A mom can hope, right?  Kandace actually loves basketball and it did my heart good to see her actually dribbling and shooting and right in the middle of the action.  I am proud of both my little basketball players!