Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

 Honestly the best part of Christmas for me was Christmas Eve when our choir started singing Christmas songs and I could feel the true spirit of Christ again.  I am so easy distracted by all the commercialism of Christmas and am grateful for any spiritual reminder that gets me on track.  I loved "share the light" and short little church videos I'd find on facebook about the birth of the Savior. I am truly grateful for the still and starry night when the Savior was born blessing my life and my families lives forever.  Stetson and Kandace got kindles, Janelle got a bike and Stahle got coal because she is too naughty.  Just kidding she got a calico critters doll house, little cupcakes to play games with, little Disney princess dolls, clothes and other stuff.  The girls wore these mermaid dresses for about 3 days straight over Christmas break. 

Christmas eve

We went to grandma Asay's and made traditional gnocchis.  I was carrying a lot of stuff when I came in  (that's my excuse) and I was single parenting all day (my other excuse) so Stahle got left outside when we came in.  I felt horrible and tried to make up for it the rest of the day.  That night we went to Todd and Emily's for ham and potatoes and a little program and then back to our house.  During one of Michael's times he was home that day he helped me make some cookie dough so it could chill and we could make Christmas cookies that night.  Not my best move but we did and then kids went to bed and then kids were off to bed while I waited for Santa's helper who showed up right as the work was done.

Lovell dance academy Christmas program

 Both Kandace and Janelle did dance this year and really liked it.  The concert was so fun to watch.  Cuteness everywhere you looked.  Its fun for me (and maybe a little stressful) to get the girls dolled up for their concert.