Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This post is strictly for journaling purposes, since I have good intentions of one day making my blog into a book, so don't expect anything impressive.
First and foremost, spring is coming!! I am busting at the seams with excitement for the long awaited sunshine and the chance to take the kids out to play--they are loving it and we've been taking a lot of walks down road 18 these last few days.

Michael is working like a crazy man. He works 5am-1:30pm this week but he checks the heiffers at 4, so he gets up at 3:45 am to leave. He's such a stud. I'm in the process of training to work for Eluetians. For my non-Wyo friends, this is a wyoming based program that hires teachers to teach english to korean students via internet. I'll miss being at home but luckiy it will only be a couple nights a week in the evening.

Michael and I both spoke in church 2 Sundays ago and I gave the R.S. lesson this last Sunday. I'm glad its all over! It has defnitely made me grateful for those who normally teach R.S. and give talks--things that we as ward members take for granted. Well I've gotta run.