Wednesday, January 30, 2013

thankful post

Today I am thankful for..

*the fact that Stetson got on the hundreds board yesterday at school and was happy and in a good mood all afternoon and evening.
*my health
*my families health
*my warm house
*my husband's job
*a new experience waiting for us in Billings while Michael goes to PA school
*a kind husband who forgives and forgets
*the restored gospel of Jesus Christ
*general authorities
*technology that offers so much right at my fingertips

Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome home Elder Asay!

Last week we went to Cody as a family to welcome home Michael's little bro Jared who was seving his mission in Zimbabwe.  When we told the kids it was almost time for uncle Jared to come home from Africa, Kandace kept talking about wrestling him at Grandma Asay's house.  Unfortunatley her and Janelle were sick the night he came home so there was no wrestling but they've made up for it since.  Welcome home Elder Asay!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stetson skis! (and mom & gpa too!)

I have mixed memories of skiing in northern Cali as a little girl--I remember it being hard at first but then loving it. We went quite a bit growing up, especially for a big poor family like ours. lol I think its awesome that my dad made time for it and gave us experiences and memories like ones I have from skiing. Odly enough, dad or I hadn't been for 10 plus years until last Thursday. Luckily it was like riding a bike! It was SO fun, way more fun than I'd anticipated since it'd been so long. We decided to put Stetson in a beginners class. Luckily since it was a weekday he was the only one in his class and he did awesome. Dad and I got a lift ticket to Miami beach only, which runs right by the magic carpet where Stetson's lessons were so we got to pass him each time. I won't lie though, when we were getting our rentals on Stetson kept things interesting by saying he wanted to go home and such, but luckily the trip was a success and I cannot wait to go again!