Wednesday, September 19, 2007


splish splash

This picture isn't very recent, but I had to post it because I think its so cute. This is at our old house in Lovell.


This is Michael helping Stetson down the slide at our apt. playground. Stetson is 9 mos now. He has 4 teeth. He is pretty much adorable. We are crazy about him. He smiles all the time. He's really good in church too. He loves to each cheerios and his new trick is crawling. He's a master at it now, so I have to make sure my floors are extra clean because he puts everything in his mouth.

While we were in Santa Rosa we went and saw my old friend Jamie Funk (Cook now). We were almost inseperable growing up in Ca. until I moved to Wyo. She used to host "BYU Weekly." Its so funny because we got married within a week of each other and then had our first baby within a couple weeks of each other. We used to play dolls 24-7 growing up, so its just unreal that now we have our own babies and we're all grown up!!! Sometimes I wish I could go back to just playing dolls. It was more carefree than real life. :)


We live in Laramie, WY now so Michael can finish his bachelors in either microbiolgoy or chemistry (he wants to be an orthopedic surgeon, YIKES!!).
We live in a little 2 bedroom apt. We really like it. We have great neighbors and a nice ward. There's a little playground that goes out from our sliding glass door and a really nice park about a block from our apt, so we take walks over there almost every day and Stetson loves it.

We went to our first football game a couple weeks ago vs. Virginia. The Cowboys won, but Stetson and I left at halftime because it was too hot.
Stetson, Michael and I went to Santa Rosa in August to visit my mom. It was Michael's first time to the sunny state, so it was really fun to go.