Monday, April 20, 2015

zoo field trip with stetsons class

A couple weeks ago, Stetson's teacher asked if I could go with their class to the zoo.  I asked if I could bring the 2 girlies but she said it'd just be me and her in charge of 22 kids so I'd better come alone.  I was so glad I went.  It was fun to watch Stetson in with his class and see what kind of kid is in a different light.  He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, doesn't need anyone's approval and has an opinion about every.thing.  Good traits I guess.  I was proud to be his mom and it was great to be with him outside the house.  Stetson tries his mom and dad's patience every day, but we keep trying and pray he develops characteristics that will help him to be happy.

zoo, missionaries, special musical #s

Janelle at the zoo
Me and Stahle after church yesterday
my little artist/performer
I am playing catchup on the blog.  Today is the first day of the 4th week of Michael's rotation in Casper.  He likes it and we're grateful the Johnson's offered to let him stay with them.  Saves us a lot of money.  Life is sure busy.  I go to the Y every MWF and as soon as we get back we hit the ground running trying to catch up with the every day stuff.  Stahle is our little angel but takes a lot of work.  Her am nap isn't very long especially with us being out and about most mornings, but her afternoon one is a couple hours, which is great.  I have certain days for certain jobs at home trying to keep things orderly and clean (still a struggle).  I always think how amazing it would be to have a housekeeper!  To think that some people have always had one.  I wonder what it would be like.  I'm trying to help Janelle learn all her letters.  She's doing better.  She gave her first talk in primary yesterday.  She was excited to do it and kept asking all through church she could give her talk.  I sang in sacrament with Emily Duncan, an excellent soprano in our ward.  Bro Angell, the music chairperson asked if I would play a piano solo but I asked if I could do a duet with someone instead. A few days before we were supposed to sing, Emily had a family emergency so Kandace got to sing instead! I accompanied her and she sang " I know that my Savior Loves me."  She did so good.  A lot of people can't believe that she'd get up and sing in front of that many people.  I think since we've been singing a lot at our house from a young age, she doesn't get too nervous, and she's seen Stetson do it.  She is quite the charmer and stole a lot of hearts that day.
The picture of her above is by her message she made for the "mesenarys" when they came to have dinner with us.  Couldn't get the whole pic to load.  So back to the very discombobulated story, Emily Duncan and I finally sang our duet yesterday, "I know that my Redeemer Lives."  I've sung it a hundred times with lots of different people but it was a treat to sing it with Emily.  She majored in music and is very good.
The first pic is of Janelle at the zoo.  We went last Friday right after spinning.  We met Jill Clemow and Melinda Jacobson.  Melinda and I have hung out a lot lately.  She lives close to Rose Park so we'll meet there quite a bit.  Her little boy Henry is Janelle's age so they have fun together.  As weird as this sounds, ts nice to have a friend with only one kid because her and her husband Steven are sure handy with their extra set of hands whenever we go anywhere together.


Having places to go (especially with other people) helps pass the time and keeps the kid entertained. We went to Scheels and McDonalds last Thursday with Jacobsons.
Kandace has been having a hard time at school.  Academically she's doing well but Ms. K says she just gets pouty and sad sometimes, unwilling to cooperate and do what she's supposed to.  This is stressful news to a basically singe mom of 3 other kids who need lots of attention from mom.  We made a chart and if she get stickers every day for good attitude and following instructions, she'd get to stay at gma Asays Fri night which is the ULTIMATE reward for my kids.  Along with the chart, I had lunch with her the next day, volunteered in her classroom and tried to sign her up for soccer (suggestion from teacher) only to find out it totally overlapped with their already scheduled  swimming lessons.  Having places to go and trying to make home life a little more fun has been helpful I think for her.

Michael has been able to come home every weekend since his rotation started which has been a dream.  I think when he goes to Libby, the kids and I will try to stay a couple weeks with him while he's there.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Our easter was pretty low key this year.  I am getting lazier as a mom.  I wasn't even that great about talking to my kids about the real meaning, which we did do at FHE at least. and we've talked about it for their whole lives, so hopefully its sticking.  For FHE I showed the mormon message the church put out "because he lives."  I miraculously got it to load from my phone onto our TV and it worked like a gem.  I couldn't believe it worked.  The video is so beautiful.  I cried when I talked to the kids about the Savior and his death and resurrection.  That weekend, Michael got to come home but had to spend all day replacing the shocks on his KIA.  Life has definitely been hectic.  Dying eggs was not that awesome for me.  Michael was outside the whole time so I was left to manage the insanity.  Spilled dye, crying children, but we did it and they had fun and we got to eat hard boiled eggs for weeks and weeks.  Yay.
General Conference was easter Sunday.  I took Kandace with me to the church for the 1st session so I could actually get something out of it.  Michael and I are trying to read a talk a day and tell each other what we liked about it.  General Conference is one of my favorite things.  I'm always touched by the spirit and feel so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that ALWAYS offers me second chances, and real lasting peace and happiness
We decorated this cake on Sunday morning.

general women's broadcast, matching dresses and race cars

This pic of the girls was taken March 29, which I think was the day after the general relief society broadcast, which is always one of the most spiritual meetings I go to.  I went with my friend Melinda who has become a pretty good friend lately.  The meeting was awesome.  Michael's aunt, Cheryl Esplin is in the general primary presidency and she talked about creating a home filled with light.  She talked about how this is not an easy thing to do, and it requires lots of effort.  It felt good to hear that, because yes, it does take great effort and we are still trying.  I had the prompting to talk to my kids more about the gospel, and my testimony.  I felt like I should tell Kandace how much I want her to get married in the temple and how important good choices and covenants are.  We were sitting at the park just a couple days ago and I remembered I wanted to talk to her about these things.  I told her that I hope she gets married in the temple one day but she has to get ready now, by reading her scriptures and going to church and making good choices.  We talked about how the person she marries will also need to live a righteous life and be worthy.  Kandace says: "So I can't marry a robber?"  Me:  I took this girl with me to the missionary fireside and it was sweet and special to have just her.  Its good for me and my kids when we get some one on one time.
The pinewood derby was actually the first weekend in March, but they give trophies out at the individual pack meetings.  Stetson officially got 2nd somehow, in some rank, but just between you and me, he got almost last in every heat I watched at the derby.  Haha.  No matter, I'm super happy he got this trophy.  It made his day.  Making the car was kind of a hot mess with Michael being gone so much, but the smile on this boy's face made it all worth it.