Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new floor

Several months ago I had the not so great idea (but seemed like a great idea at the time) of putting new laminate floor in our bathroom. The guy we bought it from most definitely overestimated me and Michae's "home improvement" capabilties when he said it'd be no big deal for us to just install it ourselves. I won't go into all the details, but we'll just say that we finally got it done after 3 jigsaw blades, another toilet, multiple trips back to ck hardware, lots of phone calls and extra help from some individuals. My dad warned me before we even started that when you do stuff like this, you usually discover lots of other fix it problems along the way that you have to deal with before you complete the final project...lesson learned. After all our hard work, here's the finished project.

I'm doing this post again because the last one's pics were out of order. SO, we're moved into our house. These next 2 pics were taken right after stake conference a couple weeks ago, which I got to sing in thanks to Michael and his fam for helpin out with the kids so I could do it. I love singing period, especially in stake choir. Stan, Daniel & Kasi all spoke in stake conference so it was extra special. The next day Michael had the day off work so we all went to layout creek with Daniel and put our brand on a slab of wood that they're displaying there since they recently got new corrals that the local farmers/ranchers redid. Daniel did a lot of welding on it. Go Daniel! :) The next few days were spent moving!! It was crazy and a little stressful, but not too bad since we had lots of time to ease into it...I started taking loads over months ago. Every time I'd go into town I'd fill the van with boxes and drop them off. We are loving it here at Brenda's --lots of space, the kitchen is beautiful and its so nice go be closer to everything. We've been to the park almost every day since we've moved.
We ended the week on a high note and went to cane boat dock for hot dogs and hamburgers. I loved it. The weather was nice, a little windy, but still beautiful. We took lots of pics because it was so pretty!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A wedding, Easter, and some changes

Wow, its definitely time for an update. Some big things have happened!! I'm sure most everyone knows already, but my dad married Brenda Robertson. We love Brenda! She is from Lovell, which is the town Michael grew up in. Michael went to school with her sons and we couldn't be happier to have her a part of our family. I am so grateful and relieved that my dad has a companion! Our stake president who married them, reminded us during the ceremony that the man is not to be without the woman and its so true! They will compliment each other and enrich each other's lives so much I'm sure. An extra bonus that we're getting out of this deal is that Michael and I will get to move into Brenda's house in Lovell, so we'll get to live in town again. I'm sad to leave our little house for lots of reasons, but excited to live in Brenda's house since she's made some recent improvements (newly remondeled kitchen and bedrooms), its closer to Michael's work and it will just be nice to live closer to things. I am so sad to leave Lovell 4th ward though. I love Lovell 4th ward and think so much of the wonderful people there, but I know Lovell 3rd ward will be great, too!

Jan and I took the kiddos to the Cowley Easter egg hunt today. The weather was o.k. on the drive up and right up until the Easter egg started. Then the wind started blowing like crazy and we felt little snow flurries. So needless to say we grabbed our loot (with lots of extra help from mom & gma :) and made a mad dash for the car to go run some errands and head home. I am excited to listen to conference and spend the weekend with our family.

Our little kiddos continue to make us so happy every day. Stetson's vocab is taking off and I'm surprised by the things he says (Mostly humored). :) Kandace is our little princess who is always wanting to be where the action is!! She LOVES her dad, drinking milk, taking things out of the dishwasher, playing in Stetson's room and she's finally letting me read to her a little more. One big difference between Stetson & Kandace is that Stetson LOVED to be read to...from birth he would sit on my lap and let me read to him for a long time. He wouldn't ever grab for the pages, try to turn them before I was done or try to get down. He just listened and loved it. Kandace on the other hand does all those things until recently, she's showing a little more interest. They both take a nap at 2p and it is mommy's most favorite time of the day. :) We're going to buy a computer soon and I can't wait to get back on the blogging train because I have missed it so much!