Monday, August 30, 2010

Asay family update

Just skip the bla bla bla, its for journaling. do us both a favor and SKIP to the pictures :)

So we are still cameraless, but I've got some great pictures to show off in the meantime! A friend of mine from high school (Jed Grant) is starting a photography business and was looking for some practice so I volunteered my kids. I think they turned out great. I love the rock on his head (see below), Jed says it creates visual interest, and I agree. :)

Life's been a little out of the norm lately. My teaching endorsement expires in March of '11 and I didn't start looking at renewal requirements until like a month ago and so I'm having to cram. Regular teachers are informed of all the workshops and stuff, but I'm out of the loop so its been a challenge getting up to speed with everything. I went to 2 workshops in Cowley, each worth .5 points, and I need 5 total. I'm taking 4 credits at Northwest college right now. They're online classes and I'm enjoying it so far. It sorta makes me sad that I'm learning all this and staying current on my license but not using it..its hard! Its hard staying at home and trying to tell yourself that it IS the most important thing I can be doing even though the world doesn't see it that way. I need to embrace my role as stay at home mom more I think. So on top of my online classes which take up a chunk of time, I'm doing eleutians 2 nights a week and step starts next Tuesday, and will be every T TH 8-9pm. Call the rec 548-6466 for more details (oh by the way, you should all come, I know, we're not as cool as ZUMBA, but I promise it is a GREAT workout and its worth every minute)

I always worry about not being good enough of a of the things I'm so grateful for are second chances...the fact that I always have another day to try again and be better. I wish Steston came with an owner's manual that told me exactly how to deal with situations. I always think that I need to respond to every situation with love and patience, but really?? All the time?? Even when he deliberately hits me because I won't let him have a 5th bag of fruit snacks for the day? (ok thats an exaggeration, but the hitting is not). ALL I want is for him to be happy and successful and I know that he will be if he knows he's loved..and I know there's a few more other things I need to do, and I'm working on it. I need more help from heaven but I have to get in gear so I can receive it. Stetson LOVES to play candyland with his gma Asay and bless her little heart for playing with him. He cheats and bends the rules all the time and won't let Kandace play, which is hard at her age when she wants right in the action all the time. So since he loves candyland, gma Asay bought him a candyland book with the sounds and everything and he loves it so much he takes it to bed with him. He also loves to play cards (memory) but he knows not to ask to play unless Kandace is asleep because she'd be all over it and it'd be a huge fight. One thing about games is he doesn't deal so well with losing (another hard mom moment, not sure how to deal with that).

Stetson doesn't say his "r" "g" or "k" sound very well so CRC children's resource center came and did a screening in spring and said to take him back if he wasn't saying them by fall, so here we are in almost Sept so I scheduled another one and it looks like they'll have to have someone come over to the house once a week for 30 mins and help him along with that. I 'm really not worried about it, I'm just glad we caught it and can hopefully get it resoloved sooner than later. He's growing very tall and I'm thinking he looks too big to be a 3 year old sometimes!

I LOVE this picture of Kandace. She is such an angel with an attitude. She just started going to nursery 3 weeks ago..the first week no problems, 2nd week cried so much they brought her back to us, 3rd week fine, and yesterday ( so 4 weeks I guess) a little teary. It melts me to go up there and see her sucking her thumb and the instant she sees us she breaks down again...I love her so much! She had her 18 mon appt last week. She's in the 3rd % for weight, but normal for everything else. Its hard sometimes having a "petite" baby because sometimes people probably question me feeding her, but I guess I should dismiss that because I know that we do the best for her as far as seeing that her nutritional needs are met. She is one little firecracker, thats for sure. She gives looks that could kill, almost always gets her way but we are C-R-A-Z-Y about her. Life is so much better with our little princess.

Friday, August 13, 2010

just a mommy

I was playing duck duck goose with Stetson today (one of his favorite games lately) and when he "goosed me" I ran and hid behind the hallway to jump out and scare him, and after I did, he said (very empatically): "Mommy, you not a monstow (monster) you just a mommy!"
I sure love my Stetson

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where did July go?

Wow!! It only took me like a half hour to get these pics uploaded...our camera stopped working a while back and so I've been taking some pics with my phone and its a pain to get them on the computer. We've done some really fun stuff lately!! I wish so badly that I had a decent camera to capture the moments, but we'll have to wait!! Last Wednesday we took Stetson and Kandace to the fair!! Last year we went the first night and were very excited to take Stetson on the rides and everything, but we (Mostly me) were sorely disappointed when we found out the rides weren't open yet. SOOO, this year we went on the second night because it fit best with our schedule, and weren't sure if the rides would be open (I was sort of prepping myself and telling myself it'd be ok lol) but when the fairgrounds came into sight and we saw all the lights of the ferris wheels and other rides, I was giddy like a little girl, seriously. When we lived in Santa Rosa, we'd drive by the county fairgrounds on the way to our house and when it was fair season, I LOVED seeing all the rides as we drove by and couldn't wait to go! It was one of those really exciting things as a little kids, and now that I have kids I don't want them to miss out on anything. Stetson's reaction to everything was everything I'd hoped...he was ECSTATIC. Not really even sure what to do, totally overwhelmed by everything and really wanted to do it all. First Stetson and I rode the ferris wheel while wonderful Michael and baby Kandace patiently waited and waved everytime we came into view, and then after the merry go round, (which was not a hit for Kandace at all) it started pouring rain! So we ran into the arts and crafts building and waited for it to clear up. After that we took Stetson on a couple more rides and he LOVED it and I was so happy. Its fun to finally get to take him to fun things like this and see his reaction and to sort of see the world through a 3 year old's eyes. Pretty magical.

The next day Stetson and I rode up with gpa Simmons to the Buffalo Bill camp where my brother Todd is the director, Emily is the medic and Brenda is the cook! I've been hearing about this buffalo bill camp for years and years because I come from a family of avid scouters, and I'd always been curious what it was like, so we went on an adventure! Stetson was in heaven, especially with 2 of his favorite people in the world there, zAcH & bEn. Stetson LOVES Zach and Ben and always has a blast with them.

I loved being able to see everyone and get a feel for what some of my family has been experiencing all summer. DEFINITELY A LOT of work, but I LOVED the feeling of comoradarie there and of everyone working together for a great cause. I think scouting is great!