Wednesday, October 17, 2012

this and that

some of the rasberries Michael and I picked at Bob & Hazel Doerrs a little while back.  I wish so badly I had rasberries like they do.  They have always been my absolute favorite fruit.  I planned to go in the morning before Michael had to go to work at 12 that day, so we pulled in about 8:30 I think, got Janelle all situated in the backpack carrier we borrowed from Kasi, picked for like crazy for 15 mins and then the weather turned bad and Michael and I took turns sitting with the girls in the van while the other picked.  We ended up with this bowl filled to the top which was enough for a few pint sized bags to freeze and of course to just snack on.  Kandace was in rasberry heaven.
Today is dad & Brenda's birthday but we celebrated last night at Glenda's with soup and some other yummy potluck dishes.  Happy birthday to two wonderful people!  Janelle got her very own icecream cone and was one happy girl.  She ate almost the entire thing.

My favorite Ben showing his byu pride

This is the cutest little boy I know and I love him like crazy. He has been so good to his tired mama lately by being cooperative in the mornings, using good manners and helping me with Janelle. This pic was a couple Halloweens ago. He was so proud when this costume finally arrived in the mail that year. He didn't even know wqho the UPS man was. He says he wants to be superman this year. Michael and I are finally going to the temple this Sat and I'm hoping to find one then.This is the cutest little boy I know and I love him like crazy. He has been so good to his tired mama lately by being cooperative in the mornings, using good manners and helping me with Janelle. This pic was a couple Halloweens ago. He was so proud when this costume finally arrived in the mail that year. He didn't even know wqho the UPS man was. He says he wants to be superman this year. Michael and I are finally going to the temple this Sat and I'm hoping to find one then.
Today I was enjoying a rare quiet moment of peace without Janelle when what to my utter dismay she was actually in the kitchen spreading yogurt all over the floor and herself. Bless her little heart.


Here is my blanket model.  This one is for Elizabeth.  When she was here last summer we went to Cody together to pick out some fabric for her birthday ragquilt.  She picked a puppy theme.  It turned out cute but not as big as I thought.  I used a 4" die cut which was easier because I didn't have to worry about straight lines but just as much work in the long run arranging that many more squares and such.  Just maybe I'll make something else one day.

I took this one with my phone ...SO STINKIN CUTE this one.  This was on one of those last minute trips to the park when it was still semi nice outside...but I'm just realizing Janelle is still in her PJS??  Hmm...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Indian carvings

Michael was gone all day Sat working so we headed to Cowley to say hello to Joel & Kambrie who were here for the weekend and we ended up going to look at the Indian carvings in the pryors.  Stetson & Kandace think Joel & Kambrie are pretty cool (Janelle not so much) so they had a blast.  Their favorite thing besides being almost 8 feet in the air on Joel's shoulders was hiding behind bushes and rocks on the way back and scaring each other.  We even saw what we think was a rattle snake curled up against a rock that Kambrie spotted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

calculated to bless

My favorite talk from general conference was the one given by Henry B. Eyring.  I always get the most out of the first couple talks because the kids are still being sort of quiet and I can listen.  I love these servants and the messages they shared with all my heart.  Pres. Eyring talked about God's children who are waiting for blessings to come.  It could be anything--children, marriage, career opportunities.  He said sometimes these individuals wait a lifetime ... but God's timeline is always calculated to bless.  I absolutely loved it.  Not just because we recently had a prayer answered that we'd been waiting a long time for, but because I know of lots of good christians who wait their whole lives for something in their life to "work out" and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but God is mindful of us and will not forsake us.  Sometimes I feel like my efforts in a calling or as a mother are useless, but I know God notices me and that sometimes the results of our efforts don't always show right away...sometimes not for months, years or not even this lifetime.  I also liked how he said  sometimes we place "spiritual pavillions" over our heads that keep God's presence from our lives, but if we "submit fully to heaven's will" we will feel his presence in our lives.  I love this gospel so very much.

Our beautfiul fall weather quickly ended and now we've covered all our windows, got the heater going and have added our winter blankets to our beds.  We've been making lots of soups lately and I'm enjoying this time of year even though it is a little chilly! 

Stetson is doing awesome in school.  He doens't complain as much in the morning when we're getting ready to go.  I still hate dropping him off.  I'm always very anxious for 3:10 when we get to go pick him up.  Mrs. Ferguson is a good teacher and I take a lot of comfort in knowing she's looking after him all day.  A couple weeks after school started she told me she thought he was reading at a 1st grade level and then receently he was tested by the reading specialist who discovered he's reading at a 17.  20 is where a 1st grader should be at the end of the year.  His comprehension is at 14 though.  Mrs. Hendershot asked him about the stories after he read them and he said "well I didn't know you were going to ask questions."  Ha.  I need to spend more time talking about what we've read.  I love picking out books for him at the library, I just wish we had more time to read together.  There's a parent volunteer who comes in once a week to read more level appropriate books with him and then Mrs. F has some special stuff for him to work on when the other kinders are doing reading groups.  I drive Michael crazy venting about how I wish he could be challenged more and that he's not being pushed that much but he assures me that "he's ok" and that I need to take a chill pill. 

Kandace talks about Halloween and being Cinderella non.stop.  Today in our lunch prayer she said: "Dear Heavenly Father, we're thankful for this day, we're thankful I can be Cinderella for halloween, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."  She loves having somewhere to go it seems like.  Every morning conversation usually sounds something like this: "mom, do we go to preschool on this day?"  Or "mom, do we go to dance class on this day?"  She is LOVING preschool and dance and its been a delight to spend the day with someone who is always ready to go anywhere and do anything.  We were taking about 2 different walks every day.  Michael says Stetson "doesn't like to go." Meaning he's usually on board once we arrive at our destnation, its just the "going" that he hates.

Janelle is my little love bug and I am crazy about her but she can drive my crazy!  Since she stopped sucking her thumb her nap duration had cut in half. :(  Mom is super said about that.  I was telling Michael the other day I long for the days when I just had Stetson in Laramie and he napped for 3+ hrs every afternoon and I would mop the floor, blog and watch little people big world all afternoon.  Ha.  I am awesome.  I would give anything for 3+ hrs of nothing to do everyday. We're excited that she's starting to walk a little.  She stands like a pro and does it a little more each day, now we just need her to take some more steps. 

Michael recently got hired onto Lovell hospital in the lab.  He works a couple days there a week and is enjoying the incredibly slow pace there in comparison to the hustle and bustle of Powell's lab.  I can tell from the stories he tells that he is awesome with people and he will make a great PA some day.

I am teaching (this is starting to sound like a Christmas letter) step at mpower fitness studio on Nevada every Mon. from 5:30-6:30pm. Its a pain lining babysitters our every Mon especially since I have cubscouts after school that day, too, but I'm glad for the chance to do it and stay in shape somewhat.  I've been taking piano lessons for almost 2 months now.  I try to practice 30 min every day and I've loved it for the most part.  My teacher gave me a beautiful arrangement of I am a Child of God that I've loved playing. I also practice some hymns and primary songs.  I wish I could have all that time back in college to do this sort of thing, but when we have all the time in the world we don't appreciate it until we don't have it anymore.  I want to be able to teach piano to my kids if they'll let me and accompany them so they can enjoy singing as much as I do.  I was subbing a little bit on Michael's day's off, but since he's on in Lovell now, I probably won't sub very much anymore.  I just finished my 4th ragquilt.  I take about a year off my life every time I do one because I let too much time lapse between each project, I forget everything.  I would love more time to do do other projects.  Some day!! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012


This post is a little overdue, but I thought I should post it because it will be fun to look back and see what we accomplished.  This year was pretty good harvest wise.  Several of the things we planted didn't come up, so we re planted some of it but all in all we did well!  About a month ago we started canning.  I seldom can by myself.  I SO appreciate the help of Michael with 3 kiddos running around that I usually wait until a day off.  So far this year we've done 16 pints of salsa, several qts/pints of just tomatoes, peaches, strawberry jam and we're going to pick rasberries at a relatives in Byron on Wed so maybe we'll do some rasberry jam, too.   We also froze I think about 30 bags of corn compliments of the O. Harris Asay farm.  We are grateful for that Michael's family is so generous.  We love having that corn as a side and to go in soups and such.  Its supposeed to freeze soon so this afternoon me and the girlies picked almost all the tomatoes.  I didn't realize there were so many left!  I don't know if I have any more canning left in me as far as tomatoes, but we shall see!