Saturday, November 24, 2012

day after Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Mike n Rachel's---usually the Asay boys do their annual work with the cows the day after but Michael had to miss out because he had to work that day.  He got home around 3 and we headed out to catch some of the action and take the kids shooting (Micahel's idea:) 

Watching cows get branded is not Kandace's idea of a good time.


Michael set up some bottles and we each took a turn shooting.  Stetson didn't want to go first, he graciously let Kandace go (no surprise there) and then we each had our turn.  Michael was the only sucessful shooter that day.

Holiday mingle

I've been thinking lately how great our community is for lots of reasons, one of them being that they put on this fun holiday kick off each year.  It starts with a free movie at the great Hyart theatre on man (this year it was The Grinch who stole Christmas).  The kids weren't crazy about the movie but they do love being in the theatre and eating popcorn. :-)  Janelle especially wasn't in love with it.  I held her in the back the last half.  After the movie they had another fling at the firehall.  They did pics with Santa, kid crafts, punch and cookies.  Kandace was a stink and went to the front of the line (I was thinking she'd just come back) when next thing I knew she was on Santa's lap getting her picture taken.
She eventually came back in line with the rest of us and got her pic taken with everyone.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stetson the Indian

Today all the kindergarten classes at LES sang Thanksgiving songs at the Care center here in Lovell.  Stetson took a shirt to school a while back and they decorated it themselves!

Stetson & his good friend, Matthew

Stetson helped me wrangle Janelle before it was time to go.  What a helper!

There's a few things about Janelle I don't want to forget.  #1.  She went through a phase where she would find shoes, put each of her little hands in each shoe and proceed to crawl around in that fashion.  I haven't got a pic of her doing it yet, but she used to do it all.the.time.  At grandmas, at church, wherever she could find an empty pair of shoes.  #2.  Her very favorite thing to do right now is climb up to the bathroom sink using the step stool, turn the water on and play in the sink. She'll get 3 or 4 toothbrushes and dip them and then spread water/soap around.  Pretty much whatever is on the counter she'll drench.  She loves playing in water.  Oh and she loves to stand in her highchair.  Not very safe, I know.

Stetson & Kandace made a turkey for Stetson's kindergarten class last night.  It was awesome.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

state football in Laramie

Last weekend we all headed to Laramie to watch Lovell's football team play in the state championship at the big stadium. It was fun to be in Laramie again and drive by all the familiar restaurants, our old apartment, the library where I dragged my sorry pregnant self and Stetson (then a toddler) every week.  Lovell's highschool athletic teams have been stacked the last few years with a lot of raw talent, making appearanes in almost all the state championships in each sport.  This year has been no exception and we've loved cheering on Jacob in his last year of highschool.  They lost by 2 points but played a great game and made us proud! 

On the way home we (ok I) hit a slick spot and slid off the road and hit someone's water pump between Worland and Basin.  I've had nightmares of being in car wrecks--dreams so bad that they wake you up, and this was exactly like those nightmares.  It was horrible and I wish I could forget about it but we are so grateful to all be safe.  The kids didn't even know what had happend.  After we crashed the car died, Michael got out to survey the damage and I was pleasantly surprised when it stared up again.  Shortly after, a carful of peole from Lovell/Powell inclduing Stetson's elementary secretary Esther Garza stopped to help.  I love good people that want to help.  They were like angels and I wanted to hug and kiss every one of them.  I went to the house to tell them about their pump but got no answer.  We got their name & number from their mailbox, the Garza's pushed us out and we were on our way again in less than 10-15 minutes.  I was glad we'd said a prayer for safety before we left on Fri.   Here is our poor little van.  The damage actually didn't look horrible until we took it to Mayes and they took the plastic thing off the door, which is when we realized we would need a new door entirely.  The side mirror also got hit, so it was dangling the rest of the way home but Mayes took it off so I can still drive this beauty around for now.  I feel pretty awesome.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I was trying so hard to get all the leaved raked before the snow but I wasn't fast enough.  I aleady  miss that green grass so much. :)  The girls did enjoy their wheelbarrow ride, though.  I love my girls.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


 Today the Asay's finished day 3 of moving cows from dryhead back to the farm for the winter.  These pics are from day 2, when we got to join the party.  Michael left early Friday morning and we planned on catching up later in the morning, but I was excited when he called and said he had come back for another horse and a 4-wheeler and that we could ride with him.  Stetson & Kandace were both excited to ride horses--Stetson did great, Kandace not so much.  She's still a little spooked from her "bumpy badger" incident. (she got bucked off a while back and banged her chin up)
This pic is one of my faves--moving cows is a big job and a great Asay family tradition.

Once we got the cows to the corals, Jan had sandwhiches and chips for everyone--Kandace hung out in the suburban and had a chip party with Jacob.  When we got back home we moved more cows and when we were about halfway to Heber's place, Michael's saddle started coming apart--the saddle ended up sliding down under the horse's tummy which made the horse buck Michael off.  Lucky for us we didn't see it...we were just around the corner when it happened so we didn't get there til right after and I didn't even notice how bad his forehead was banged up til we got home and he took his hat off.  All he needed was a little TLC from Kandace. 

Happy 25th birthday gwamma!

On Wednesday we hosted a birthday party for grandma Asay.  We had baked potatoe bar, rolls, salads & cheesecake for dessert.  It was great to celebrate for someone very special who does so much for our family!  Happy birthday gwamma!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

raking leaves and trick or treating!

This pic was too cute not to post--the leaf raking madness has began.  Again.  It seems like I just got done with this---but honestly I like it.  I prefer outdoor housework to indoor and it feels good to get the blood flowing and sometimes the kids help, too! :) 

Halloween night!  Stetson had a Halloween parade at the school at 2 that the girls and I went to watch--it was so cute and so fun to see the kids... especially Stetson.  He even danced while he was on stage!  He gets all his dance moves from his dad.  That evening we hit all the Cowley family around 5, came back for the Lovell grandmas, got some $8.99 pizza from Pizza on the Run (my fave) and hit gpa & gma Asays.  After we got to gma Dorothy's, Michael hung out with Janelle, Jacob & Dorothy for a minute while I took the kids around the block.  I LOVED taking them trick or treating and getting to share in their excitement!  Makes motherhood all worth it! :)  Kandace kept saying, "I love halloween!"  She is definitley the more brave one of the 2.  There were a few houses that Stetson called "haunted" meaning they had lots of spooky decorations, and Stetson held back and let Kandace go or asked me to hold his hand to the door.

Here's our little pumpkin.  She never would leave her hat on.

down town trick or treating and FHE pumpking carving

 Halloween this year was awesome!!  The kids have full emmerged into the "getting it" phase of holidays and had been talking about Halloween for days and days and were so excited when the festivities began!  The madness officially started last Fri night when Jill & I took the kids down town to do trick or treating at the local businesses. 
 Monday night for FHE we carved pumpkins!  This is the most fun my kids have ever had with pumpkin carving --I remember years past when we tried to get Stetson to help us clean out the "guts" and he wanted NO PART in any of it.  Kandace and Stetson both participated in almost every stage of pumpkin carving this year.  Michael drew and carved Stetson's jack-o-lantern with some prompting from Stetson and I drew and carved Kandace's with VERY specific insructions to do a mad face.  It turned out sad looking but she was satisfied.