Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer days

I am loving the summer weather and all the fun that comes with it. I've LOVED watering our lawn, mowing it, watering the flowers, and just walking around watching everything grow and admiring our work. Last week we finally planted our first garden and it was so satisfying being out there planting...I loved feeling like we were making memories as a family and couldn't help but feel so blessed to live in such a cute little house with a huge backyard, having 2 healthy babies, a great husband who works hard and to be healthy enough to enjoy all of it! We're not sure what our garden is going to be like this year but we're hoping for the best! Kandace was eating a popsicle in her stroller outside and the other picture is of the kids "helping" us in the garden (they actually were anything but help, but they sure are cute to watch getting muddy and messy).

Memorial day 2010

Kadace LOVED throwing rocks in the lake at Cane boat dock, as illustrated in the picture. Michael had to work today 'til about 3:30, but when he finally did get home we took a ride around town with the babies in their bike trailer (stopped by the cemetary, which I love doing...being reminded of those who have passed and remembering their legacy and example) then we went to Asay's to get ready to go catfishing!! I'm pretty sure noone ever catches anything, so I'm not sure why we call it that, but its fun for everyone so we're glad we get to do it anyway! Jared (in next picture) has been catching crawdads (spelling way wrong) in their little pond and he held one up for Kandace just to tease and she opened her mouth and tried to eat it!! Crazy girl, it must be the Asay in her. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makes me cry every time.

This is wonderful, watch it if you have a minute :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

giving credit where credit is due.

A lot of people have commented on how great our family picture is and I thought I should recognize Teri for her great work and give credit where credit is due. Check out some more of her great work here. Thanks Teri!

Friday, May 21, 2010

worth blogging about

I am really excited about my new blog book and I'm glad I documented the things I did, but I've been "blah about blogging" for some reason. I did read something on my friend Cara's blog...she mentioned she'd read on someone's blog the following statement: "blogosphere seems to be a Utopian society with perfect husbands, adorable and well-behaved children, and shiny happy people holding hands." I couldn't agree with that statement more, and I try not to make my blog like that..I want to be realistic. Its so much more fun that way. :) lol Anyhoo, I do have something very exciting to blog about (exciting to me, probably not to you). Michael and I have been working around the new house trying to get some things done, and one of the items on my to do list was to plant some grass seed in the back yard where it was getting bare. We tilled up the dirty really good, planted the seed and I've been dilligently keeping it wet. Michael and I get down on our hands and knees every day and carefully observe our seeds looking for a change and today...I SAW GRASS!! I know, I'm easily excited, but seriously, its exciting when you reap what you sow! It reminded me of a talk by Elder Uchdorft a while back about patience and giving your seed "time to grow."

Michael and I have really enjoyed working in our yard..watering the lawn, mowing the lawn, planting flowers ...these are all things I really like to do and I'm dreading when winter comes and I won't be able to do it anymore. We're also anticipating having a garden this summer. Hopefully that works out well. I'm nervous thinking about canning by myself..good thing I have lots of knowledgeable women in my life!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another great day on the Asay farm

Yesterday (5.15.10) we helped move cows from Michael's gma Dorothy's back to the corals at Asay's. The only bad thing about it is I was sad we didn't call any of my nephews to have them come join the time!! It was one of the first hot days of summer, and we really enjoyed the sun. Michael carried Kandace a lot of the way while Stetson and I rode in the suburban. When we made it back to the corals and the cows were securely "put away" we had a picnic on the front lawn with yummy Jan sandwiches (she makes the best) pop and chips. Kandace got some sort of heat rash, so she has little red bumps on her cheaks, which is a bummer but we think its getting better. When we got home we watered our newly planted shasta daisies, mowed the lawn and did some grocery shopping before I went to work at Eleutian.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She's a keeper!

Kandace is SO SWEET. We love her so much. She:

*can point to a baby and say baby

*barks like a dog when we read the part about dogs in Big Red Barn

*She loves to climb up on my lap and read with me

*She loves to climb up on EVERYthing and sit on it.

*She takes 2 naps every day, 10 am and 2pm (but I have to wake her up by 7:45am or she won't take her morning one

*She's a great eater, but her favorites are cottage cheese, fruit snacks, orange juice and yogurt.

*She LOVES her dad

*She insists on being held so she's usually stuck to my hip while I'm cooking or doing other things.

*You're probably wondering why Stetson has a sucker in the tub in the next picture. Thats because Michael cut his hair right before this and we needed some kind of incentive to insure cooperation on his end. :) We sure love him. This has been kind of a noteworthy week. I went on a bike ride Tuesday with Brenda & dad out to Cowley airport. It was really windy and cold but a good workout! I plan on doing this frequently so I can work it into my exercise routine. I had my "mock" interview yesterday for Eleutian (the company I work for that teaches English to Koreans). This is like my interview that determines if I get hired. Well I passed, so I had my first real teaching session today. Wowzer, is all I have to say about that. His English was really lousy so I was basically trying to speak really simple English vocab, like 6 yr old level (which is hard if you're not used to it). I felt bad for the student too. Imagine trying to learn spanish from someone to who didn't speak any english. Yikes. I hope to get better and more effective each time. Today Michael had the day off so we made blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs & sausage for breakfast then played games all morning. After naps and lunch we headed to the Asay farm for some irrigating and moving of cows. We're so anxious for some warmer weather. Hopefully by tomorrow! I got my 2008 blog book in the mail today and I love it!! Michael had a lot of fun looking through it tonight and laughing and reminiscing.

Stetson LOVES

*singing Latter-day prophets and can sing it word for word beginning to end

*singing any primary song with the music player on

*watching Dora of COURSE (hopefully he grows out of it before high school)


*eating apples dipped in peanut butter

*he asks me for a "treat" ALL DAY LONG but I still love 'em

*He gets up every night at least once to go potty (this is our new thing since he's been potty trained) not my favorite

*When I ask him if he wants to do something and its something he really wants to do, he replies with "I'd LOVE to!"

Friday, May 7, 2010


Today we made homemade playdough. I've been racking my brain and looking in books trying to find meaningful activities for my kids to do and this what I came up with today. I feel like a lot of the pressure on me as a mom is to make my kid's childhood a happy and memorable one. I have GREAT childhood memories and often times think it was the happiest time of my lfe. Its truly magical if you ask me...believing in Santa, not having a care in the world, being full of energy, and living every day like its a party. Life really is a big party for kids, if you ask me. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Pleasanton, CA where my cousins lived. My cousin Laura was one of my best friends growing up and we were inseparable at all foulger family functions. We played dolls non-stop. When I'd got to Pleasanton for weekends we'd of course play dolls, go to the movies, swim, hottub and have our hair french braided. IT WAS BLISS!!

Here's a recipe for homemade playdough:
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 T oil
3/4 cup water w/ food coloring

mix dry ingredients. add water and oil gradually. add more water if dough is too dry, or add more flour if too sticky. the oil preserves the dough and keeps it soft so it can be used many times. store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

There dad, areyou happy??!! Finally a new post :) Love you.