Monday, January 4, 2016

Red Lodge Jan 2

2 days after me and Michael's rendezvous to Red Lodge, I took Stetson for our first snow skiing trip of the season.  I love snow skiing!  It was a busy day to ski; we ended up parking on the hill, before we even got to the lots, but the walk up wasn't as bad as I thought.  Getting rentals and getting all geared up is always strenuous and time consuming, but once we got going it was great.  The weather at first was perfect, couldn't have asked for better, but as the day went on and the sun went behind the hill, it got chillier so at about 3 we came in for a quick snack.  I told Stetson if he did 5 good turns, he could have a hot chocolate.  We ended up doing Miami Beach 3 times and Midway 3 (maybe 4) times.  Midway is my favorite because the trails are longer, but the ski lift ride is longer and colder.  Next time we might go in the morning when its warmer.
Stetson did pretty good.  He's not great at taking advice from mom, but I'm hoping he'll get experience enough that he can figure stuff out on his own.  I tried my new skies which were great, but I need longer poles.

On our way to Midway

10 years

Michael and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Red Lodge, MT.  Michael planned it all out and told me about it like a couple weeks before.  We stayed at the BearCreek resort which included a dinner at the Dell Piney Lodge, which is a charming little restaurant built in 1920 with lots of history.  Dad and Brenda were in town Wed, so they took the kids back to Jans on their way back.  As soon as they left, I frantically started cleaning because I NEVER get to clean without kids undoing my cleaning right after, so that was pretty great, then at 1 I had a haircut, then we left about 5.  We had a 7pm dinner reservation,  dinner was great, after that we went back to our room and the next day we went Cross Country skiing at the Nordic track trails which are groomed trails for cross country snow skiing.  I didn't love cross country skiing, I can't see why anyone would choose that over downhill, but it is good exercise and if you're in it for the scenery and a nice and easy stroll, its great.  Oh on our way to cross country skiing we tried to help get an old lady unstuck, which involved chains and bailing twine, but it didn't work so she ended up calling her husband who had to come get her out with a tractor.
After we returned out rentals we went to the pizza company then drove back to Jans to get the kids and have dinner there.

My pictures aren't great, but if you look close, you can see the resort behind the white van.  It was nice to get away..I always dream of having a few days away from my kids, but when it actually happens, its really bitter sweet.  I always miss them and wonder what they're doing.  I'm thankful for my sweetheart, and honesty, I'm grateful we've come this far.  Marriage and family is a wonderful blessing and a wonderful challenge. :)