Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas happenings...

Finally I'm posting about our holidays.  Christmas Eve we did the traditional gneeoki dinner with Michael's side, which as delish, as usual, then Christmas morning we  had Christmas at our house as a family which was so sweet and memorable.  With carefully wrapped gifts to each other under our Our little 6 ft. Christmas tree,  we celebrated our 2nd Christmas in this little house.  We celebrated the first right after Stetson was born in '06.  This year Santa brought Stetson a bike w/ training wheels, and Kandace a toy with wheels so she can push it and practice walking, and then it turns into a little car she can ride on.  After having Christmas at our house, we went to my dads to open presents, eat breakfast burritos,  then we went back to Asays for dinner at 1, then back to my brother Todd's for dinner at 3.  After that we went to Michael's gma Dororthy's for more fun and present opening...phew.  

On Wednesday (12.30.09) we celebrated 4 years of marital bliss :)  by going to Cody and having dinner at the rib & chop house, then a movie (The Blind Side).  Michael surprised me with 4 roses, (4 yrs of marriage) 1 blue carnation (Stetson) and 1 pink carnation (Kandace).  I am grateful for a thoughtful husband.  

The next night was New Year's Eve, so we headed to Asay's for finger foods then went home to put the kiddies to bed.  We were supposed to go to Shannon's but pooped out after a late night the previous night for our anniversary.  To illustrated how lame we are, after we finally went to bed, this was the conversation: E: "Michael, what time is it? (Michael reaches over for his cell to look) M: "11:50.  Should we stay up 'til midnight?"  E: (without a moment of hesitation) "nah, goodnight." 

11 months

Today our little girl turned 11 months.  In a month we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday, which seems a little crazy.  She still looks like my little baby whenever I look at her.  We love this little girl so much.  Whenever I go anywhere I feel like a celebrity because of all the "Ooohs and ahhhs" I get over how cute my little love bug is.  She still sleeps through the night, is eating different foods (her favorites are banannas, cheese, wheat thins, pretty much whatever we give her).  We're trying to get her used to a sippy cup since she'll be drinking cows milk (hopefully excluseivly :) in a month.