Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning part III (Asay's)

We were so excited to skype with Jared and find out he's coming home in just 3 weeks!  I'm anxious to see how the kids react and how well they remember him. 

Asay choir singing happy birthday.

 more pre-dinner wrestling

Stetson putting gma's slippers on

mom and Janelle

Stetson took some pics of everyone.  We are so blessed to have the wonderful family we have--we got great presents and we all felt so loved.  Kandace & Janelle got fancy matching purple dresses which are so cute, Stetson got a huge remote control car, Michael and I got some clothes and some other things and the day was great.  Things always get hectic at the last stretch of Christmas and I lose sight of whats most important.  I was taking my nativity down today and couldn't believe how fast it flew by.  Jesus Christ is the best part of Christmas and of every day, if we let him in.

Christmas morning part II (Dads)

We usually head to dad's Christmas morning for breakfast and present opening.  Every year dad reads a story about the Christmas box.  Its a special story that I love and it brings Christ back into Christmas.  If we ever don't get to see dad on Christmas, I'll be sure to re-create it at our house. 

Zach & Trav


Cole got a tablet like me.  For Christmas this year, dad went through all his slides and put them in chronological order and had them put on a CD where he's actually narrating it telling us the dates, people, places, etc.  Michael and I watched it last night and it was awesome.  The CD goes from dad's mission up to November '83, shortly after my birth.  First of all, my mom is BEAUTIFUL.  She had her kids really close together and you can see her and dad aging as the slides progress, but they were vigilant in providing for and nurturing their family.  Dad was super active in scouting from the get-go, was called as bishop of the SR 2nd ward as a young father, mom had 4 of her 7 children at home, they traveled, waterskiied, had goats, experimented with home schooling, remodeled their house and more.  I'm excited for the next CD hopefully coming next Christmas!

Christmas morning part I

 Thankfully, the kids still get up at a reasonable hour on Christmas morning.  I remember being up before 6 when I was little.  Stetson was up first and then we woke up Kandace, then Janelle at almost 8:30.  Stetson's main presents were a dinosaur that walks and roars (at his specific request), games and a scooter.  Kandace's main ones were a princess bike, tutus and sparkle belts.  The first thing she said when she saw her bike was "there's a place for my baby!"  And she ran to her room and stuck her baby in and then rode it around the house a minute.  Michael got me a tablet which I'm excited about.  It will be nice to not have to take my scriptures and manuals to church and the games and other apps will come in handy when I need to bribe, er entertain the kids.  Michael and I got our TV a couple weeks ago and counted that as one of our Christmas presents, but Michael was sweet and got me several other things.  He was cute about letting the kids buy presents for each other.  For a couple days he took turns taking the kids to family dollar after work so they could pick out presents for each other and for me.  He is a sweetheart.  Nella bell got a tutu that matches Kandace and toys.

Stetson got a rubber band gun in a corn dog box. woot!

Someone's excitement is spilling over in this pic. Woah.

Little nella was excited about her presents too!  We sure love her.

Christmas Eve 2012

This year Michael had to work Christmas Eve but I was given strict instructions to go take part in the gnokie festitivies without my darling husband so that I could bring some back to him.  He was actually just on call, but he has to be a 1/2 hr from the hospital and Asays is too far so he hung out at home while we were making gnokies at Asays and he got called out right about the same time I left to bring him his gnokies.  We then headed to Todd & Emily's for fajitas and a short program.  I love family traditions and hope that me and my family can have strong traditions too.  I think a lot about what kinds of traditions me and family can have since most of the ones we do now are with extended family.  Just a little pre-dinner wrestling

great gma Asay is a gnokie veteran.  It was her husband, Harris Asay who started the gnokie tradition years ago when he came back from his mission in Argentina where gnokies were popular.

PJ unwrapping was not a roaring success for us this year.  This is a super fun tradition that Asays have always done, and we did it this year in our home.  Stetson wasn't impressed with the boring "clothes" and threw them down and said he was throwing them away.  Kandace on the other hand was delighted.  Michael got home around 9:30 that night after the kids were in bed but he got to play Santa's helper at least.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stetson's first school Christmas concert

Michael and I had another first the other day--watching Stetson sing in his first Christmas concert.  I very carefully picked out his outfit, making sure to tuck in his shirt and have his tie just right, when what to my utter dismay, he had untucked his shirt and pulled his tie down while waiting to go on.  Crazy kid.  I loved watching him though.  He'd been singing these Christmas songs for a long time -- I think I knew them as well as he did.  I could tell he truly loved learning the songs and singing them.

Getting the stink eye from Parker. lol

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

birthday party


Stetson had some special requests for his party this year--I think a lot of it was inspiration from his cousin Carson's bday whose was just a couple weeks ago.  Stetson wanted a superman themed party, but I didn't find any superman party stuff so we got blue and red and did a superman cake which Stetson was slightly disappointed in because it was pink. But he did say he liked it.  Phew.

Happy 6th birthday Stetson man!!!

Yesterday my boy turned 6!  I can't believe how fast the time as flown, and I can never believe that this sweet, smart boy who I love so much is mine!!  I posted his newborn pic on fb yesterday and it brought back so many sweet memories.  I will never forget seeing my sweet Stetson for the first time and how amazing it was to see him and how I fell in love with him instantly.  Stetson you make us so happy with your giggles, riddles, crazy laugh and enthusiasm for life.  I love you!

At 2:45 we brought doughnut holes and chocolate milk to Stetson's classroom.  Stetson's teacher lets the kids stand on the tables and sing happy birthday but we had chocolate milk on the tables so they stood on the chairs instead.  Stetson ate up the attention and had a really special day.  I love all these cute kids in his class and after the horrific shootings in Newtown, CT I love them even more and realize how precious they are. 

Kandace got to sit at Stetson's table and eat treats with the kids.  How cool is that?!

Birthday boy.  He was thrilled he got to wear this crown around all day and even more so when Mrs. Ferguson said he could take it home that day!

Chuckey Cheese

Stetson's been asking to go to chuckey cheese for a while now so I suggested we go for his birthday, which was on a Monday this year, so we went last Saturday.  Michael and I had gone to Billings the day before just us and Janelle and we got to attend the temple and do most of our shopping, so Saturday got to just be a fun, relaxed day.  The kids LOVED chuckey cheese.  It was a little crazy, but Michael was a huge help helping the kids play games while I took pics and wrangled Janelle.
   We had a great day.  I sure love my husband and appreciate all his help with all kids in tow. I anticipated a crazy stressful day, but it was really good.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kandace's first debut

The pictures really speak for themselves.  Kandace's dance recital was at 7pm at the Byron auditorium.  When I took Kandace backstage I had lots of memories come back of all the plays and concerts I did in that auditorium.  It was fun to see our girl perform on the same stage that I did back in my oyster days.  We sure love this girl and think she is the greatest!!  We love our awesome family who shows their support!!  Even bringing 2 boquets of flowers!!!  I might have been a little nervous when Kandace came on stage that she was going to keep her hands down her tutu for the whole duration of her song.  Thankfully she didn't.

Real men carry purse, right Stan? :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

day after Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Mike n Rachel's---usually the Asay boys do their annual work with the cows the day after but Michael had to miss out because he had to work that day.  He got home around 3 and we headed out to catch some of the action and take the kids shooting (Micahel's idea:) 

Watching cows get branded is not Kandace's idea of a good time.


Michael set up some bottles and we each took a turn shooting.  Stetson didn't want to go first, he graciously let Kandace go (no surprise there) and then we each had our turn.  Michael was the only sucessful shooter that day.