Monday, March 11, 2013

balloon surprise

30 balloons...
thirty notes rolled up inside...
=one heck of a good time 

In collecting 30 notes from friends and family I learned that....
Michael could be the homecoming king of the lab he works at he is so well liked and has so many inside jokes with his co-workers.
Michael is well liked by pretty much everyone..wish I could be that popular.
Happy birthday Michael!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Red Lodge

Michael and I had been talking about going on some sort of get away for a long time now, and we'd had bigger plans than Red Lodge but when he got into PA school and we realized we couln't afford it, we sort of stopped talking about it.  We're really bad about actually putting our plans in action and deciding.  We like to talk about plans but we both HATE deciding, but I thought we could do something fun for Michael's 30th bday which is tomorrow, so about a week ago I asked Jan if she coud watch our kids this weekend and I got on-line and found a nice bed & breakfast (Michael nor I have ever been to one) and made reservations at a steak house. I packed our skiing stuff in case he wanted to go (of course I did).  I was really good about keeping it a secret from Michael and then yesterday when he got home from work at about noon I told him in a fun way--I made a little poem and told him that way.  He seemed excited and I truly was excited too.  Sometimes when we make plans it doesn't turn out great (Like last year's bday when we took Janelle and she cried all night) but I was genuinely excited for this weekend.  We got to Red Lodge about 6pm so we checked into our b & b (The Irish Rose) and then walked to the steak house.  The b & b was awesome.  It was super cute and cozy and way better than staying at a hotel.  The steak house was perfect too (man I'm a good planner).  It was the Carbon County Steakhouse which is just a couple blocks from the b & b so it worked perfect.  Michael wanted an appetizer and is always wanting to try something new (love that about him)--I forget the name but it was Greek cheese of some sort that we put on fry bread and it was different but good.  Michael got a flat iron steak and I got the sirloin and they were both excellent.  I always feel guilty when we splurge like that but it was still fun.  Michael was great company and we laughed and had a good time together. This is me at dinner.

After dinner we walked around town, checked out a couple shoppes then went back to the b n b.  For breakfast the next day they had keish (breakfast casserole kinda), fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, OJ and toast.  It was yummy.  After that we checked out and headed to the ski resort.  Michael hadn't been since he was a frosh in HS so he was a little rusty but he was a good sport and improved a lot in our short time there.  This is the 3rd time I've been this year and the weather was the worst this time out of my 3 trips.  The actual skiing was fine, but it got really cold on the lifts being higher up and with all the wind.  We first did Miami beach a couples times then went on the other lift that goes to midway which takes you to several different runs.  This was my first time to midway this year and it was fun.  When you first get off the lift its sort of a drop off (compared to Miami beach for sure) and I was super scared and kinda wanted to cry lol but Michael wasn't at all.  He said he'd just snow plow over to the side.  Well we made it down the scary part alive and then it was smooth sailing from then on.  There were some fun little trails that we both loved...Michael especially because he could practice turning and such.  We brought a cooler with stuff to make sandwiches so Michael ran to the car to get that and we ate in the lodge right by the huge window and watched the other skiiers.  By this time Michael's legs were pretty sore so we did 2 more runs off midway together then he turned his rentals in while I did one more run by myself and then we took off.  When we got to Belfry we turned to go to Cody so we could grab a few things there and then got home 6ish.  It was SO great to see the kids.  I always miss them a ton and think about them. It always seems like we're gone forever when we leave them ...but they didn't miss us a bit.  I guess Janelle was happy to see us but Stetson & Kandace were actually disappointed to see us because they'd rather party with gpa & gma then be with us losers apparently lol.  They love staying at gmas and its a huge relief and blessing that we can do stuff like this and not worry about our kids.
 Michael works so hard and totally deserved this.  I know the skiing wasn't his favorite but I think the other parts of the trip were fun.  Happy 30th bday to my big sexy man.  More bday surpises to come...