Monday, April 2, 2018

Sleeping giant

We made a few trips to Sleeping Giant this winter.  Next year we should get passes maybe.  These pics aren't all from the same trip.  The first trip was me, Stetson and Kandace.  They took lessons that time because some refresher tips can never hurt.  About a week later, Kandace and I took the bus that goes from Powell to sleeping giant every Saturday.  We thought it'd be good to save $ on gas and wear and tear on the expedition but the passengers on the bus were pretty rowdy!  We met Walkers up there a couple times.  Aubrey is a great skier and peer pressured me to go down some black diamonds with her.  I figured out that it probably wouldn't hurt for me to try shorter skies.  Might make it easier on the harder hills.  Kandace loved skiing with Candace Walker.  They are good little skiing buddies.

Eating snacks at the lodge is always a favorite.  We did take Janelle up once but she didn't do so great.  Next year we're going to try harder.  Heck I might even take her to Red Lodge once or twice since they're open until middle of April.  I think I should have started all my kids out sooner.  I want to take Stahle, too while she's this little. I  think its easier for them in the long run before their legs get too long (Janelle).  Sleeping Giant is SO beautiful and we love to get the fresh mountain air in our lungs and ski ski ski! 

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