Monday, April 2, 2018

5th grade talent show

As soon as Stetson found out about the 5th grade talent show he KNEW he wanted to do a skit with some friends.  After lots of friendly reminders from Stetson, I found one on the internet that we both agreed on so he asked some of his friends, Jarrett Allen, Lafe Files and Falson (forgot last name) to do it with him.  Stetson was the pilot and everyone else was passengers and they pretend the plane is about to go down and there's not enough parachutes. Stetson just loves to perform in this kind of setting and he ate it all up.  He has great stage presence, projects well and loves to be funny.  Michael and I have already discussed the possibility of him being in speech and debate and think he could be really great at it.  This wasn't always the most popular extra-curricular activity when Michael and I were growing up but we'd love to see him happy and feel successful even if its not in sports.  He also played heart and soul on the piano because his mean mom made him.

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