Monday, April 2, 2018

Kandace turns 9

 For Kandace's birthday we had family over to the church gym for pizza and dessert.  Kandace knew for a while that she wanted to have rainbow fruit cups and we had fun putting those together.  Kandace got some great gifts, a basketball from mom and dad, gel pens and a grapefruit from grandma and grandpa, a book for Joel and Kambree, Amazon gift card from Jill and Christian and lots more fun stuff I've forgottten. Some fun things about Kandace at 9:
*loves basketball and practices on our driveway quite a bit
*practices piano a half hr every day and says she doesn't like it but I think she does once she gets past hard parts
*doesn't like eating breakfast unless its grapefruit.  Gma Asay usually has one for breakfast at school that gpa peels for her and Kandace loves to mooch of Gma and gma lets her because she's a great grandma and loves Kandace. 
*loves to swim
*loves to play with her friends, especially Kira and Kindle and Kaydree
*after every has gone to bed, Kandace never fails to come into the living room where Michael and I are and asks if she can say prayers with one of us
*is kind of a scaredy cat and always says in her prayers (please bless that noone will come in that's not supposed to)
*doesn't like me to do her hair
*is responsible about getting ready for school and being on time but is kind of messy
*helps a TON with Stahle taking her potty, getting her dressed, getting her clothes, etc.
***Sometimes I can still hardly believe I have this beautiful girl to call my own.  I am beyond grateful for her hugs, smiles and for being her.  I love my Kandace

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