Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow day 12/15/15

December 14 we got totally dumped on so we got a call that night from the school district that we would be having a snow day (first one for Billings in 27 years).  I was surprised because we've had crazy winter weather before and I mean really crazy winter weather in terms of temps and quantity of snow and it never snowed anyone down.
I'm never quite ready for all my kids to be home from school it seems like. Its always a struggle finding stuff to keep them busy and happy.  Going out and doing things seems like a great solution but Stahle still takes a morning and afternoon nap so that puts a kink in our schedule.
On this day, we bundled up, made snow angles and Henry and Melinda came over for a little bit, too.  Other than that, we stayed in all day.

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